Almost Human Season 1 Review “Perception”

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 10 Perception (4)

Note: Sorry for not getting this review up earlier! Couldn’t get it done last night due to personal stuff, but better late than never, right!

After a very promising episode last week introduced new and exciting elements to the Almost Human universe, the series returned last night up with the interesting episode “Perception”. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad sign that FOX saw fit to air their big freshman drama up against The Olympics. It either means that they’re confident enough in the ratings and the audience of the show that they think people will still watch the show instead of speed skating, or they’re just sending the show out to die. Either way, the ratings dropped 21% from last week’s episode, which is definitely not a good thing.

It’s a shame, too, because tonight’s episode was yet another strong one. If you were watching the grace and beauty of the figure skating routines these last few days and were thinking “This is cool, but I wish there was more death!”, then tonight’s opening scene is just for you! It was definitely the most artistic and visually interesting opening sequences that we’ve seen on this series so far, and I hope we get more of that in the future. This futuristic setting gives them the excuse to basically do whatever they want, so I love when they get outlandish with episodes like this one.

Just about every episode thus far has introduced us to new types of humans and androids in the Almost Human universe, and tonight’s installment was no exception. Tonight we learn about “Chroms”, which are genetically designed children. We also learned that Stahl is a Chrom, which doesn’t mean much to us yet except that she doesn’t have an addictive personality. We don’t know too much yet about any other challenges or shortcomings she might have, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the future. I knew that there would be some scientific reason for why Minka Kelly is so darn beautiful! It’s because she’s genetically designed that way!

We got some more character development for Kennex, as his drug use and Recollection habit returned. They’re definitely being very sparse with any new information regarding Anna and her involvement with Insyndicate, and I hope they start to drop a few more nuggets at a faster pace. I don’t think we learned anything new about her tonight, we just saw the same scenes that we already saw in the pilot. We really don’t know anything about Anna before she was with John, either, so her betraying him doesn’t really affect me as much as I think it’s supposed to.

It was nice to see Maldonado in a slightly different light tonight, as she confronts Kennex about his drug use…at a bar. While I enjoyed seeing her out of her office and not yelling at John over her desk for a change, she looked very out of place at a bar.

My favorite part of the episode tonight was how beautifully the case-of-the-week tied in to the small pieces of personal development for the characters. I loved when John saw all of those futuristic sticky notes all over that mother’s wall, and it made him see how it affected her, and he went home and immediately threw all of his away. It was also powerful seeing Stahl react to that same mother talking about Chroms, as we so rarely get to see Stahl emotionally react to anything.

Almost Human is really on a roll, but it’s a bummer that all of these episodes are airing up against the Olympics. I guess I’ll see you guys next week, unless you decide to watch snowboarding instead!

Random Thoughts:

– The opening scene had more than a few similarities to the new CBS show “Intelligence”, with the way the victim in the woods were viewing the world like a big digital grid. I’m not saying they ripped it off, it’s just a coincidence that both shows would be airing at the same time.

– After mentioning in last week’s review that I wasn’t sure how to spell the name of the shadowy organization that Anna works for, tonight confirmed that it is actually “Insyndicate”.

– I might have mentioned this before in my reviews for this show, but there is a LOT of ADR on this show. That’s when they add dialog to the scenes in post production, and it feels like every other line in this show is like that.