Hulu Announces First Original for Kids ‘Doozers,’ Inspired by ‘Fraggle Rock’ Characters

Hulu has long been home to ad-less children’s programming, but this April the streaming service will debut their first original series aimed at kids. Doozers from the Jim Henson Company is inspired by the classic Fraggle Rock, where the busy builders known as Doozers got their start. Hulu has ordered 52 episodes of Doozers with each one clocking in at 11 minutes.

The series is aimed at pre-schoolers and is aligned with the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) initiative. “The Pod Squad” (Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex and Daisy Wheel) will teach kids how to innovate and create exciting, educational new projects.

“The series encourages kids to embrace their own creativity. Inspired by a whole new group of whimsical characters our viewers will want to design, tinker and experiment with their own ideas while learning to have confidence and resilience to reach their goals,” said The Jim Henson Company’s CEO Lisa Henson. “Our pod squad is right at home with Hulu Kids, because Hulu is a company of builders and innovators like the Doozers, and because kids can learn from and spend time with these characters on-demand like never before.”

The Doozers premieres Friday, April 25th on Hulu. Watch a trailer for the series below.

[Photo Credit: Hulu/The Jim Henson Company]