Girls Season 3 Review “Free Snacks”

Girls Season 3 Episode 6 Free Snacks 5

Quite naturally, reviews of this week’s episode of Girls, ‘Free Snacks’, are going to be focused on the new developments in Hannah’s career and personal journey towards becoming a writer, but the difference this week is going to be the tone. For years now, writers, bloggers and journalists (or all of the above) have looked upon Lena Dunham’s ideas of what a writer should be, how to become a writer and what kind of lifestyle is helpful for propelling one towards that goal, with either confusion or disdain. Of course it isn’t that easy to secure an e-book deal. This week then, with Hannah’s immediate job at GQ, should have elicited the same reaction.

But it didn’t, at least not in me. For what ‘Free Snacks’ did for Hannah it also did for the show – it gave her a reality check and, while she still holds many of her innocent ideals about becoming a writer dear to her heart, she might finally have started to realize that it’s not going to be the pure, creative experience that she had hoped. Becoming a writer is hard, and financially insecure, and getting a job writing at all should have her jumping for joy. Whether Hannah does heed the words of her co-workers and start fervently writing on evenings and weekends remains to be seen, but the final moments of this episode suggest it’s going to be a brand new struggle for her in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, while Hannah and Adam take some time away from their mutual co-dependence to further their working lives (Adam, quite by accident, might have decided to become an actor), Marnie and Ray are trying out the new connection they (equally accidentally) formed last week. Awkward sex aside, these two might be my new favorite thing, with the argument about Marnie being “spiritually stupid” and Ray being “too wise” for grad school just proving how truly similar they are in their juxtaposed personalities. How this plays out with the Shoshana factor could be messy but, so far, this feels like the absolute best way for Marnie to go. New relationships between established characters are fun, and this is everything we never knew we wanted.

What did you think of the episode? How long before Shoshana realizes she made a huge mistake dumping Ray? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.