Bitten Season 1 Review “Bitten”

Bitten Episode 5 Bitten (2)

This week’s Bitten had several problems, not the least of which was the name of the episode. Yes, “Bitten” was mainly about how Elena was first turned to a werewolf, so the title fit, but using the title of the show as the title of an episode just seems lazy. It’s a nitpick, really, but it’s the first of numerous issues with this episode.

I don’t know if the show wants us to be sympathetic with Clay, but at this point, that seems just about impossible. He actually had me on his side for a bit in the flashback this week, showing that he was trying to avoid falling in love with Elena. Granted, he still had a creepy air about him, but at least his awkwardness around her was somewhat endearing.

That all fell apart, though, when we saw it was Clay himself that bit Elena in a selfish attempt to keep her in his life. I don’t care how much he argued his decision was motivated by love; he chose to bite her, a method that historically was guaranteed to kill her. That she survived was ultimately a lucky break, and I don’t see how he could ever deserve her trust again.

The flashback also painted Jeremy a bit out-of-character, at least from what we’ve seen of him so far. He chastised Clay for trying to find love outside of the pack and pretty much forbade him from continuing to see Elena. It’s an understandable way to manage your secret pack of werewolf, but it’s a rule that is apparently exclusive to Clay. In the present, Elena has a fiancée, and Logan appeared to have a steady girlfriend of his own. Also, when Elena successfully changed the first time, the look Jeremy gave was odd. Instead of concerned, he looked deviously excited, as if her changing was all part of some master plan.

Once again, there was very little going on in the present day scenes. The townies suspected Clay of murder and Elena had to drag a body off if Stonehaven property. There were a few scenes introducing a “reformed” pedophile that had previously abused Elena, but ultimately, the main narrative arc of the season continued to sputter along.

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