Beauty and The Beast Season 2 Review “Till Death”


This week’s Beauty and The Beast opened strong and kept the excitement coming non-stop. This definitely isn’t a filler episode. Cat sees a possible new side to Gabe when he resembles a beast in the light of the dungeon. There isn’t much time to think about the possibility though when she drops her coffee which leads to another mystery to be solved after she hears her Americana dripping into a room below. Then it’s off to work with her new boss who points out she and Tess are a weak link. She has little time to react however when Sam is assaulted in his apartment. The situation leads Dana and Sam to ask Cat and the gang to act as bodyguards while they renew their vows in upstate New York. Everyone, especially Vincent is uncomfortable with this group trip on Valentine’s Day weekend.

The best part of the episode came when Vincent and Cat shared some one on one in the dungeon. There’s tension and Vincent isn’t over her while Cat seems to think she’s over him, even with her doubts towards Gabe. Their moment goes by quick when they realize there’s more behind Sam’s time away. Just when you think the guy’s guilty and wedding bells won’t be ringing, Sam points the finger at Gabe during an interrogation. Cat’s suspicions are on high alert while Vincent tries to tell her that Gabe is a choir boy. Watching Vincent route for Cat to be happy, even if its with another guy, makes it hard not to like him even more.

On to the wedding, Vincent and Cat go as a couple to lure the real villain out of hiding. The funniest line of the hour comes when J.T. calls them Brangelina, but that’s when the good times end. By the close of the episode, it was Dana who shouldn’t have trusted Sam. Will she go into witness protection? Will they find Sam? Do you think there’s a chance Gabe isn’t as innocent as he appears to be at the moment?