Reign Season 1 Review “Inquisition”


The castle ghost isn’t a ghost on Reign, and she’s also Catherine’s illegitimate daughter! It’s a case of pot calling the kettle adulterous in ‘Inquisition’, as many of the well-hidden skeletons in Catherine’s closet are revealed to us in yet another fantastic episode of the show. It’s a race to get the other’s head on the chopping block between Mary and Catherine but, with Bash’s ‘secret’ identity as a Pagan and Catherine’s affair with Richard Delacroix both points against them, it all comes down to who’s more handy with their poisons.

That’s Catherine, then, but Mary has Clarissa on her side despite the fact that Catherine has just discovered her daughter isn’t as dead as she though. There’s also Henry’s allegiance to take into account and, with him already knowing about Bash and his mother’s alternative beliefs, his estranged Queen really has no leg to stand on. Did they ever really love each other, or was that a convenient lie Catherine spun to spare her neck from the axe for a little longer? It certainly seems as though she was doing a bit of both – revealing truths and trying to save her own skin – and that ambiguity is a lot of the reason why I love this show so deeply.

For Mary isn’t sweetness and light either, despite all that has been done to her, plotting against Catherine just as ruthlessly as Catherine is trying to do away with her and Bash. It’s a clash of titans set in a world of subterfuge and secret bloodlines, and that makes Reign one of the most entertaining and surprising shows on the air right now. It helps that the performances are all stellar and the chemistry between each of them palpable. I would never have thought that, for example, I’d like watching Mary and Bash as much as I did Mary and Francis – so cliched and obvious were the set up for both couples.

Absolutely everyone is in mortal peril at all times and, with no time to indulge in romanticized fantasy or tedious teenage love affairs, there’s no time for the audience to get bored, either. This show has become much more than the sum of its parts and, if it continues on like this, I’ll be heartbroken should we be denied a second season. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised at the truth of Clarissa’s parentage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.