On TV Tonight, Friday, 02/07/14: Raising Hope, Banshee and More

TV Equals Midseason 2014 Friday

Our Picks

Olympics 2014 Primetime: Opening Ceremony – 7:30pm NBC
This is just one of those things we all have to watch. Or at least watch a little of because, yay, patriotism! Honestly, I care equally about all sports, which is a sum total of not all, but I respect the Olympians who work their butts off to represent their countries. Also, the Opening Ceremony is always pretty cool.

Raising Hope – 9:30pm Fox
Deadwood reunion alert! Keith Carradine is guest starring tonight alongside Garret Dillahunt. Fun fact: (one of) Dillahunt’s character killed Carradine’s character on Deadwood. Since this week’s episode is set at a ranch, I’m hoping Carradine gets to pay Dillahunt back for offing Wild Bill Hickock.

Banshee – 10pm Cinemax
This show is so bloody and crazy, but also totally unmissable. Lucas is, understandably, thinking about leaving town, but at the end of the day no other small town would be as exciting as Banshee, so he might as well stay put.


9 PM – 10 PM

Enlisted – 9pm Fox

10 PM – 11 PM

Helix – 10pm Syfy

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