The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Things Fall Apart”

In this week’s episode of The Tomorrow People, Stephen finally came to the realization that he’s in over his head. After everything that happened with Astrid, he went to confront Jedikiah and tell Jed to remove Astrid’s name from Ultra’s computers. When Jed refused to comply, Stephen quit. It was at this point that the Founder showed up with a deal. He would remove Astrid’s name from Ultra’s computers if Stephen would capture a breakout named Cassie. As it turns out, Cassie is the Founder’s daughter and she hates her old man so much that she wants him to strip her powers. She realized that he’s a monster, and she’s refused to follow in his footsteps.

I’ve said before that I want to hate Jedikiah, but I just can’t. I don’t have that problem with The Founder. He is colder, more cruel and more sadistic than Jedikiah and much more dangerous. When Cassie wouldn’t comply with The Founders demands, he simply drugged her and sent her to one of the labs for the “doctor” to continue performing experiments on her. I don’t know what his endgame is as far as the war between tomorrow people and Ultra, but I do know that I will rejoice on the day that someone takes The Founder down. I mean, the man is performing dangerous experiments on his own daughter for pete’s sake. Who DOES that? A sick, twisted, power-crazed maniac. That’s who. If he is willing to do that to his own daughter, I really shudder to think what he has in store for everyone else. There has to be a reason that The Founder wanted Roger dead, and I don’t think it has anything to do with him betraying Ultra. I have a feeling that Roger discovered The Founder’s weakness and that’s why he was killed.

Speaking of Jedikiah, I don’t trust him but he still has his moments. After Stephen quit, Jed went to his house to warn him about The Founder. He warned Stephen that whatever deal he made with The Founder and whatever promises The Founder made were lies. Jed warned Stephen not to trust The Founder. If Jedikiah tells you that someone is not to be trusted, then you really should stop and consider that. Jed isn’t exactly the most trustworthy person, but he does occasionally seem to have a heart. Occasionally. The thing is, I don’t know whether Jed went to warn Stephen to protect Stephen or whether he’s just trying to figure out an angle on The Founder. Either way, it looks like Jed was right.

The Founder reneged on his deal and sent Ultra to kill Astrid and her father after Cassie turned herself in. Of course, the best thing to come out of that was the reveal that Marla is a tomorrow person. I didn’t really see that one coming, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, it does provide an interesting layer to Stephen. He’s already a rather powerful tomorrow person even though he hasn’t yet mastered his abilities. Finding out that both of his parents have powers means that in all likelihood he’s even more powerful than he realizes. It would also explain why The Founder has trouble reading Stephen’s thoughts and why he wants to keep an eye on Stephen. It could very well be that once Stephen figures out how to harness and control his powers, he could take The Founder and Ultra down. On the other hand, it really feels like the revelation about Marla is coming completely out of left field. Up to this point, there has been no indication that she even knew about tomorrow people much less that she was one of them. If she’s a tomorrow person, why didn’t she realize what was happening to Stephen? If she’s a tomorrow person why didn’t she tell Stephen the truth so he could learn to protect himself? If she’s a tomorrow person, why doesn’t Ultra know anything about her? There are pretty much two options I can see: 1) Marla never told Roger that she is a tomorrow person and she’s been living a lie this whole time or 2) Roger knew and he erased Marla from Ultra’s computers and they agreed that Roger would leave and Marla would raise the boys as humans. I’m sure there are many more options I’m missing, but it really just feels like this part of the story was pulled out of thin air. For the moment, I’m not going to dismiss this storythread but I do need to know more.

Realizing that you don’t have all the answers is the first step on the road to wisdom. Unfortunately, it looks like Cara is firmly on the road to Stupidville. She seems to think she has all the answers, and that’s dangerous for everyone. After Stephen captured Cassie, he was ready to turn her over so Astrid could go free, but Cara had doubts so she sent Stephen back to Ultra to dig into some of the things she’d seen in Cassie’s head. The Founder captured Stephen while he was snooping around, and he was about to torture Stephen to find out the information he wanted to know. When Cassie told John and Cara about it, John decided to give the Founder what he wanted so that they could save Stephen. Cara disagreed, but John did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. Cassie saved Stephen who was then able to save Astrid. But when John got back, Cara kicked him out for not following her orders.

Here’s the thing. When John was the leader, Cara constantly questioned him and challenged his authority. Sometimes it was in private, but sometimes it wasn’t. Case in point, when everyone wanted to go topside for a party because they were going stir crazy, John said no it was too dangerous. Cara told him he was being paranoid and he needed to let everyone have some fun. And she said this in front of the whole group. That’s just one of many examples. Now that Cara’s leader, she wants John and the rest to blindly follow her orders even though she keeps making dangerous decisions. She doesn’t consult with John and Russell the way that John did. She gets an idea in her head, and no matter how risky or poorly thought out, she wants everyone to just do what she says. John is right. She doesn’t want to be respected. She wants to be obeyed, and there’s a big difference. When did leadership of the tomorrow people become a dictatorship? Why was it ok for her to buck John’s leadership and follow her own conscience but John is excommunicated for doing the same? Why was it ok for her and John to be together when he was leader but not now? Why should anyone respect Cara’s leadership anyway? Cara is a hypocrite of the worst kind, and now she’s kicked John out of the Lair. The thing is, John is really the only reason that all of the tomorrow people are still alive. Say what you want about his leadership, but he put the group before himself and his ego. He also realized that he doesn’t know everything, so he consulted others when making decisions. Cara doesn’t seem to realize that she’s ignorant, and I have a feeling she’s not going to until it’s too late. She’s already almost gotten Russell killed. What’s it going to take for her to remove her head from her rear end?

Very solid episode. It set the stage for what could be a very interesting homestretch for this season. I’m not entirely sure how everything is going to play out, but for the most part I’ve been enjoying what The Tomorrow People is doing so I’ll just wait and see. We’re on a break for the next couple of weeks for the Olympics, but when we come back maybe we’ll get the truth from Marla. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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