Ravenswood Season 1 Review “Along Came a Spider” & “My Haunted Heart”

Ravenswood Episode 10 My Haunted Heart (20)

So, first of all, my apology to the regular readers of my “Ravenswood” reviews. I had a bad encounter with some winter weather which prevented me from seeing last week’s show until this week (as I don’t download stuff illegally, thank you very much), but on the plus side, you get a two-for-one review, so there’s that. I am going to assume that you wouldn’t be reading this unless you saw both shows, so here’s my take on the last two episodes of the first season, “Along Came a Spider” and “My Haunted Heart.”

The big reveal was that, as many (including myself) suspected, Collins is, in fact, one of the good guys, and stepped it up big time in the clutch when basically our entire main cast was seemingly at risk of getting killed- or worse. It would seem that the redheaded woman we saw in the most recent episodes with a serious case of spider outbreak was none other than chief villain Gabriel Abaddon (Griff Furst), aka the evil preacher that Remy saw in her dreams and in the flashback earlier this season. Not sure how he was able to shape-shift into a woman, but we’ll chalk that up to things that didn’t get explained in the first season, for now.

Basically, it looks like Abaddon was actually looking to revive Miranda from the grave, not to help her out (as if), or as the lure for another pact, but because he needs her alive so that all five teens can be killed at once, which was the way it was supposed to go down in the first place, and it would appear, the only way the pact is made official. That’s not to say that other people couldn’t be killed that tried to stop it, as we learned that both Collins’ sister and Luke and Liv’s father had already been killed trying to do just that.

Not sure who took out the sister, but L&L’s dad was killed by none other than Dillon, who subsequently tried to save his own skin via offering up Liv in his place. Real nice boyfriend you got there, sweetie. Unfortunately, as everyone found out through supernatural means, they can’t really prove it, though there is a book with a bloody fingerprint belonging to Dillon in the office where the Mayor was killed, so once they find that, L&L’s mom should be okay- if they can figure out how to point the cops in the right direction, that is. We’ll see next season, I guess.

However, despite all his desperate attempts to save his skin, old Dillon did manage to obtain a get-out-of-jail card in the end, but it sure wasn’t free. Instead, he met the wrong side of the railroad tracks, courtesy of Ravenswood’s resident creepy kid, Max (Isabel Myers). Interestingly, Max also tried to dupe Hanna into…something. I’m guessing it was as an extra incentive to get Caleb to the chapel on time, but I guess we won’t be finding that out, as Caleb nipped that in the bud without hesitation, as well he should have, given Dillon’s fate. Also, last I checked, she had another show to get back to.

To that end, while I get why they postponed the last few episodes of this show, I do think the whole Hanna thing would have played a lot better where it was originally intended, right after she and Caleb broke up. By waiting, it felt a bit disconnected and random, and a little gratuitous, to be honest. While it’s always nice to see Hanna, and I really appreciated the closure it brought her character, who finally found out what had really happened to Miranda, more or less- though she understandably wasn’t completely onboard with the whole ghost thing- by holding off the episodes like they did, it damaged the bigger impact that could have had in the immediate aftermath of the break-up on “Pretty Little Liars.”

That said, I did really like the way they handled the interaction between Hanna and Miranda in the church, especially the way Hanna made her peace with it, even though she obviously couldn’t hear Miranda’s commentary. That was a really nice, memorable scene, and I also liked the brief interaction between her and Grunwald as well, so the Hanna stuff wasn’t a total wash.

Speaking of Miranda, we did discover that there was a way to bring her back, but according to Collins, a right way and a wrong way, the latter being Abaddon’s way, which Collins interrupted before he could finish doing. We also discovered that Collins sending Miranda away as a child was done for her own safety, in an attempt to keep her from falling victim to the Pact curse, but when she showed up out of nowhere, he tried to scare her away, to no avail.

The whole jar thing was also for her own safety, and Collins was able to get rid of Abaddon by way of breaking another jar: old-school Caleb’s. So, if I understand that correctly, that means there’s two Calebs running around now: “original” and “new-school.” That should be fun to keep track of next season! Although one assumes the old-school version will be inappropriately dressed for our time, so maybe it won’t be so hard- though Miranda seems to change outfits regularly, so maybe she’ll give the old Caleb a modern make-over? Not sure how that’s possible, but if she can do it…

I do believe that’s the high points of the last two episodes, and I would have to say that overall, it was a pretty satisfying first season. The fact that it was only ten episodes and it was fairly self-contained was a wise move, especially since there was no guarantee it would get a second season. As of this writing, it has yet to be officially renewed to the best of my knowledge, but at the same time, the ratings were decent by ABC Family standards, so they might give it another shortened season of ten episodes if they think it’s worth the effort.

Though the numbers dropped after the solid-scoring premiere, and never quite rebounded, they did spike in the ratings on the final episode, so the channel might do well to give it one more shot, especially since “Pretty Little Liars” was a slow-ish starter at first, too, and was also only given ten episodes to begin with before getting picked up for a full season. What with “Ravenswood” having a built-in fan-base and a solid twitter following, it’s got a better shot of survival than some of the other shows on the network.

Still, the fact that they haven’t readily made it official may mean that they’re going to take a wait-and-see attitude on some other potential new shows to come, and if they don’t fly, then they might bring “Ravenswood” back. Better to hedge one’s bets than cut one’s losses, I’d say, and “Ravenswood” isn’t down for the count yet, so hopefully it’ll get at least one more shot at it.

I do think the show is worth saving, even though it’s very different from its sister show “Pretty Little Liars” and I think that may have scared some people off. But on the plus side, that may work to its benefit as people hear that’s the case, as some people feel that “PLL” is being dragged out too much for its own good, and might just jump to “Ravenswood” instead over time, if it’s given more time, that is.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that star Tyler Blackburn has lots of fans, though it might hurt that a lot of them want to see him back with Hanna where they feel he belongs. I don’t disagree with that- he was one of the only BFs the girls have had that I didn’t end up mistrusting, save maybe really early on, and that’s saying something on that show. Still, I don’t think it would hurt matters that much to postpone their inevitable reunion for another season, and I do feel “Ravenswood” has enough story to fill-in-the-blanks on to warrant it. That and the writing was getting sharper all the time, with a nicely tongue-in-cheek approach to the material that could go from creepy to funny at the drop of a hat, which I really liked about it. So, hopefully, the show will get one more chance to get its scare on. Here’s hoping!

If not, it was a fun ride while it lasted. What did you think of the first season of “Ravenswood”? Do you think they should quit while they’re ahead, or keep going one more season? Did the storyline sustain your interest? Or would you rather Caleb return to Rosewood and reunite with Hanna sooner than later? Let me know in the comment section, and thanks for reading!