Rake Season 1 Review ‘Cancer’

Rake Episode 3 Cancer (1)

Keegan’s self destruction may not work for his family and friends, but it helps his troubled clients. Kee seems to have a weakness for them. Could it be because he has a lot in common with them? In the latest episode of Rake it becomes all too apparent when he decides to take the case of a mother, Carol Grady, who has been lying to the world about her son’s cancer. Shaving his head, spending his insurance money and more, Kee is determined to get her off by painting her as the victim of a casino that feeds her addiction.

When he isn’t in the courtroom trying to manipulate the jury, Kee continues to resemble a PG version of Hank Moody from ‘Californication’. He owes money for several private sessions with his prostitute, that he finally settles up all while trying to dodge a perky fashionista looking bookie whose chasing after him for $59k. Kee also gets caught up in a lie after he has to announce to his son’s school that Tony Hawk just couldn’t make it to their charity fundraiser. In the process he manages to donate $12k in a bidding war to try and beat out his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Bruce.

While he seems to be losing in every arena of his life, he uses the jury’s own addictions to gain sympathy, thanks to researching several of their social media accounts. Kee walks away a winner again…until he’s man handled by his bookie’s men. The whole time he continues to make his life a mess you just can’t help but root for him, especially when he sits down for a heart to heart with Finn at the close of the episode. So far ‘Rake’ is shaping up to be a likeable series that has more than its comical moments.

What do you think of ‘Rake’? Is Kee in for the long haul on Fox?