Psych Season 8 Review “Cog Blocked” – Everything’s Topsy-Turvy

Psych Season 8 Episode 5 Cog Blocked (8)

In this episode of Psych, called “Cog Blocked,” Gus becomes the lead on a case when a man who could practically be his twin is murdered, but in the end everything ends up all turned around.

Oh Psych, my beloved show. This series has always meant a lot to me because it was one of the very first reviews I ever did when I began working as a TV journalist. I’d never seen the show before, but TV Equals needed a reviewer and I thought it looked funny from all the commercials I’d seen so I gave it a shot. The rest, as they say, is history. I instantly fell in love and have been a tried and true Psych-O ever since.

So it was with a saddened heart that I read the news yesterday that this season of Psych would be its last. My sadness didn’t come just from knowing that one of my favorite shows was ending, but also how quickly the news came and how much I’m guessing that will affect the ending. This season has been in the can for months now and I’m scared that we won’t get a satisfying finale. But maybe the cast and crew had a hint that this could be the last and wrote the last episode of this season as if it could be the last of the series.

My sadness also comes from the terrible timing of this news. I know some fans have noted that this season have been a bit, well, off. Part of that was the fact that both Maggie Lawson (Juliet) and Kirsten Nelson (Captain Vick) have been gone. Lawson filmed a new series last year (which has sadly also been cancelled), which means that we weren’t going to see a lot of Juliet in this season of Psych. I only hope they got her back in time to film these last five episodes, otherwise it just won’t feel the same.

In this episode, things were further turned on their heads, but at least it was in a fun way. It was great to see Gus get the chance to run a case. He’s almost always had to play second fiddle to Shawn, but in this one he got to play lead guitar. Gus knew that his twin-from-another-mother Russ hadn’t killed himself and soon had everyone following him as he tracked down clues. He also met himself a mighty fine lady in the process.

All of that was fine and dandy, but there two changes that made me want take my warmest blankie and go hide in a corner. First Gus gets into an awesome car chase with the Blueberry, but I never expected it to get destroyed. Then, when I was still recovering from that shock, Gus ups and quits his job. I think if the Blueberry hadn’t died first, I wouldn’t have cared but I feel like I don’t know who I am if Gus doesn’t work in his same old boring job.

What does this mean for Psych‘s final episodes? I don’t know, but I’m hoping there aren’t any more big changes coming. I just don’t think my poor heart could handle too many more.

My favorite bits:

Gus is da man. That is all.

The music changing when Gus got in the elevator.

Shawn trying to answer the phone, without actually picking it up.

“That’s on you, phone.” – Ha! I’ve so wanted to say that.

The way Shawn’s dad woke him up. Rewind that part and watch it over and over? Don’t be silly. Who would do a thing like that? *shifty eyes*

“Those are bald-faced lies and you’re a bald-headed liar.”

Poor Gus realizing that the victim was basically. him.

Gus not being able to stop saying “I’ve been murdered.”

“There are no clues. I can’t just make stuff up.”
“That’s all you ever do.”

Gus suggesting that the Universe was going to pay them for the job.

“Mill was not Vanilli.”

Gus defending Russell, and himself.

“I’ve never been murdered before. It’s liberating.”

Gus naming off any and every name he could think of for the reservation.

Shawn and Gus getting smoked by a blind ninja.

Gus giving Shawn the nickname “Laika, the space dog.” Awesome.

Gus claiming it didn’t hurt to break in the window. Aw, such a tough guy.

Shawn and Gus signaling each other in front of the blind ninja. who wasn’t so blind.

“Why don’t you guys just compare rates on Expedia and get a room already?”

Shawn announcing that his butt was vibrating.

Shawn continuing to be unable to understand how flyers work.

Shawn losing his standing shotgun in the Blueberry.

“I am in a metal cage of despair!”

Emmanuelle giving Gus what is probably the best nickname ever.

Shawn offering to shake his junk anywhere for money.

The shotgun argument turning into a completely different kind of shotgun scream.

Shawn in the Blueberry getting chased by a madman in a pickup. Come on, son!


“That man is sexy.”
“He gets it from me.”
“I don’t think so.”

Shawn quitting his job and Gus working behind a bar. My brain hurts now.

Shawn getting fired. Well, that didn’t last long.

Finding out that Gus was tazed on his way out of his office.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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