Supernatural Season 9 Review “The Purge” – A Relationship too Broken to Fix?

The Purge

In this episode of Supernatural, called “The Purge,” Sam and Dean take on a new case involving people at a spa who die from too much weight loss, while still dealing with their own internal demons.

I have to say that I had a hard time classifying this episode. The preview made it look like one of the classic comedy episodes, with Sam giving yoga classes and Dean snarfing down donuts in a hair net. But it turned out to have a little too much angst for a comedy episode, which also made it more than just a standard Monster of the Week episode. As it turned out, this one was a mix of everything.

After this episode, I think I may have joined the group who are angry with Sam. In my last review, I truly did feel like I understood where Sam was coming from and that both of them had reasons to feel the way they did. I wasn’t sure how they were going to get through this new hiccup in their relationship, but I figured they would work it out somehow.

But the coldness emanating from Sam in the beginning of this episode really started to get to me, just like I know it was getting to Dean even though he was trying to deny it. It made the episode harder to watch because underneath all of their normal banter, there was this unexpressed resentment coming from both of them that took a lot of the humor out of the scenes with the hairnet and the donut and the yoga.

The little bit of anger I felt in the beginning was switched on high when Dean and Sam had their final talk at the end of the episode. It was when Sam told Dean that everything he had done was wrong and that all of the bad stuff – Kevin’s death, Crowley’s escape – were because of Dean and his choice to save Sam. Dean has no problem with blaming everything that has gone wrong in their lives (all the way back to when they were kids) on himself, I really don’t think he needed Sam to add fuel to that fire.

Then Sam talked about being ready to die and how Dean kept him alive for his own sake. The thing is I don’t deny that, but for Sam to claim that he himself wouldn’t do that when he already HAS done it just made my blood boil. If Sam thinks that he would have let Dean die had the tables been turned – when he had a viable option to keep his brother alive – I think he is just plain fooling himself.

Then again, maybe I’m the one fooling myself. After all, Sam did move on and start a new life after his brother was sent to Purgatory. Maybe that’s what Sam meant when he said they had different ideas about their roles in everything. Maybe Sam really is willing to let Dean die now and, though the idea of them sacrificing themselves to save each other is painful, the idea that one of them is no longer willing to do it is even more so.

Will the boys ever be on the same page again? That’s a question I find myself asking, but sadly don’t have an answer to.

My favorite bits:

Dean claiming he didn’t sleep because Rudy was on.

“Or a heavy duty laxative.”

“About us not being brothers? Don’t flatter yourself, I don’t break that easily.” – Yeah, right Dean. Keep telling yourself that.

Dean and the powdered sugar donut. That is all.

“I hate to say it, but karma’s a bitch.”

Sam’s stare of death when Dean started talking about a “little extra cushion.”

Sam pointing out to Dean that he lied about his age, after Dean claimed all women lied about their weight. Aw Dean, 29? Really?

Dean telling Sam he was “Sam weird” around girls. It was all funny until the “being honest” part. Guess Dean was taking it harder than he admitted. Ouch.

Personal training brothers. OMG Sam and Dean would make a FORTUNE if they really did that.

Sam in his workout gear. That is all.

“Nice shorts.”
“Nice hairnet.”

“How do you know anything about yoga?” “You’re not the only one who dated someone bendy.”

Scary sucking tongue! Scary sucking tongue!! Ahhhh!! *hides eyes*

Oh yeah, Dean was soooo going to start snarfing down that pudding.

Dean going down like a sack of potatoes… onto sacks of potatoes.

Dean snuggling onto the potato sack after Sam left.

The entire roofie conversation.

“Okay, I’m no health nut, but that. is just wrong.” – I am definitely with him on that one.

“I’m a pishtaco.”
“A fish taco?” – I totally thought she said that, too.

Dean saving Sam at the last second. Whew! And also, ew.

“I wanted to keep things business between us, but I still have a heart.”

Feeling like my heart was being stomped on during that entire final conversation between the boys.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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