Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Provenance”


Person of Interest has been on an upward tick this season, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before it stumbled. Last night’s episode was…dare I say it…boring. The team is reunited to help art thief Kelly Lin rescue her daughter and foil her employers. The last 15 minutes were entertaining, but the majority of the episode felt like someone had run out of ideas and picked up a Batman comic for inspiration.

We start with Shaw, Finch, and Reese heading to a black tie event where the person of interest is supposed to be. Shaw wows the men by showing up in an unflattering, ill-fitting, low cut dress. I know Shaw is the surly tomboy, but she couldn’t have run a brush through her hair? Her dourness was over the top in a way that was irritating instead of fun.

At the event, alarms are triggered and everyone pours out onto the street. Except the woman dressed in head-to-toe black, complete with facemask and over the shoulder poster container. In Catwoman fashion, she cuts a painting from its frame, loads it up and strolls out the front door. Really? Nobody would notice the masked person walking away? Kelly also tussles with Shaw and demonstrates some Michelle Pfeiffer worthy tumbling. This definitely had to be one of the easiest painting thefts ever. There was no security around watching the goods?

Shaw eventually tracks Kelly down and Team Machine has a heart-to-heart with her. It turns out she’s a reluctant thief who only turned to a life of crime when her daughter was kidnapped. Naturally. Added to the mix is a very French Interpol agent who is hot on her trail. At this point, we’ve really hit on all of the clichés of the art thief genre.

Team Machine sets up elaborate hoaxes that involve Fusco taking Reese into custody and the creation of a fake Gutenberg Bible. Meanwhile, Shaw and Kelly infiltrate the location where the Bible is being held. Through a series of gymnastic maneuvers, they secure the Bible. This was one of the bright spots for me in the episode. The turns and jumps between the bars on the ceiling were pretty impressive. The electric fence around the Bible seemed hokey.

Fusco helped elevate the latter part of the episode because he seemed to be having fun. Normally, he has to be the serious cop. This time, he was almost giddy. His demeanor was a nice balance to Shaw’s sourpuss. Fusco is definitely starting to come into his own since the death of Carter.

This one was just not up to par for me. I get that it was trying to be lighter and stand apart from the show’s mythology. It was just that the premise was lame. It reminded me of something I would see on a horrible show like The Glades or CSI Wherever. However, I am glad that we’re finally getting some closure on Carter’s absence. The drink at the table felt like a final farewell. As much as I miss Carter, I think it is time for Reese to let it go.

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  • Marianne

    I have to agree with you Courtney, this episode did fall a wee bit flat, especially after the last episode (plane ride, Harold landing the plane using a joy stick, Reese taking on multiple baddies)… hopefully Root will return and the other antagonists in the show will give Team Machine some real meat to sink their teeth into!