ITV Drama Trailer Previews the Second Seasons of ‘The Bletchley Circle’ and ‘Mr. Selfridge’

ITV is preparing for a drama-filled 2014 which is set to include two favorites on both sides of the pond: The Bletchley Circle and Mr. Selfridge. The stylistic trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of spoilers, but it does give us a glimpse of where the series’ second seasons will take them.

Additionally, there are also previews for the latest season of Law & Order: UK, a new drama, Prey, starring John Simm and much more. Watch the full trailer below. Are there any shows you are hoping are destined to become American imports or are you just ready for more of Mr. Selfridge and The Bletchley Circle?

Mr. Selfridge season two premieres Sunday, March 30th on PBS, while The Bletchley Circle season two is set for Sunday, April 13th.