Supernatural Chat: Should Season 10 Be the Last?

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Hey there Supernatural fans! A couple weeks ago I was sitting at the Television Critics Association winter press tour when the president of CW, Mark Pedowitz, answered a question about Supernatural and its chances for a Season 10. While Pedowitz didn’t make any announcements, his response was quite positive. He said that he was a fan of the show himself and as long as the numbers held, “They can go on as long as they want.”

Supernatural Season 10: In the Bag?

If I were a betting person, I’d be laying odds on us getting a Supernatural Season 10, especially after the spectacular numbers it delivered with last week’s episode. There’s also the fact that the CW just officially picked up the Supernatural spin-off pilot.

When Supernatural first began, creator Eric Kripke often talked about having a five-year plan for the show. During the first couple seasons, it wasn’t clear if the show would make that goal, but things happily picked up and soon the show had not only reached its fifth season, but surpassed it. After the Season 5 finale, which many fans still list as their favorite episode of all time, some fans were vocal about their wishes for it to have ended there.

I loved that finale, but I was not a part of the group that wanted it to end there and I remember thinking to myself how wonderful it would be if Supernatural could reach 10 seasons. Even after the success of Season 5, that wasn’t a given and it felt like a pipe dream even to me. Yet here we are years later and we are actually looking at a very strong possibility of reaching that goal.

Should Supernatural Season 10 Be Its Last?

One side of me now wonders if I want it to go on any longer than that. The show is doing really well right now and the stories are certainly on par, but now the question becomes: How much longer can it keep that up? We’ve all seen TV shows that have lived beyond their time and become sad echoes of what they once were. I don’t know if that will happen to Supernatural, but I have to wonder if it wouldn’t be better for it to go out on top. To follow the road taken by other shows that bowed out in the middle of their heyday and gave fans one final spectacular season and a finale to be treasured forever.

Supernatural Season 10, 11, 12, 13 and Beyond!

But then there is the other side of me, the squeeing fangirl side of me that lives for every episode and has been going to conventions since Creation held its first Los Angeles convention where Kripke himself came. It’s that part of me that thinks reaching 10 seasons is a beautiful thing and going beyond that to 11, 12 or even 13, or more, could be amazing. With a spin-off coming, that will give the show even more depth and allow for the possibilities of crossovers and deeper storylines. If things go really, really well it’s possible that Supernatural could end up in Law and Order territory – with 20 seasons under its belt and multiple spinoffs – and go on beyond the original.

What about you? Do you want Supernatural to go beyond 10 seasons or would you be happy to see it go out in style at the end of Season 10? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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  • I’m Batman

    I never want Supernatural to end! when i say i love the show i mean it.. It’s the first show i have ever really been so engrossed into I know how Dean feels as the older brother trying his best to protect his family and at times doing bad things for the right reasons, so the character speaks to me and has helped me deal with a lot of issues i have had, But on the other hand Jensen and Jared are amazing actors and should be able to shine in other projects.. such as big hollywood films! I mean Jensen Ackles as Batman would be an amazing thing to see.. i hope we do get at least another two seasons but after that they should be free to do other projects… Literally killed me to say that haha

  • Elizabeth Hauff

    no dont end supernatural i love the show and i evan got my husband into it now every week when its on we watch it and love every season keep it going

  • SusanJo

    There are still so many open storylines that they need to wrap up that they could easily spend a few years fixing them. *cough* Adam *cough* KEEP SPN AROUND!

    • Darryn

      But why would they use new storylines when they could just recycle the same stuff and keep with overused character tropes and waste time with filler episodes???

    • Haley

      Don’t forget the Anti-Christ kid!!!!! What the hell ever happened to him?! There’s NO way they can just leave that open. The Anti-Christ for Christ’s sake.

  • Nicole Katrine Orr

    I know what people mean by worrying that the show will peter out if it goes on too long. (The Leviathan season for instance, had some weak points) With this said, I’m in the boat that would prefer the show to go as long as possible. If it loses some of its beauty with age, then so be it. I’d prefer that to losing it altogether.

  • ascooter

    It seems like the story is going the way of Season 10 being the last. Introducing a Cain & Abel story could be a parallel brother story that has a definitive end. Dean has the mark of Cain and Sam is ready to die…… 🙁

    • silver

      Sam is ready to die, again. This makes it what? The 5th season where Sam is ready to die? Who cares? Let Dean have a life without Sam and end this black suckhole of redundancy.

  • Lauren Brock

    It should never end!!!! But when it does all I ask is it’s an amazing last series, not one that we wish never existed

  • beata101

    Please no!I love this series but much more I love Jensen. It is high time to his career moved forward. Supernatural can afford to be without Dean. A Jensen let the game finally in good films.

  • Amanda Randall Banker

    Going to go against the current grain here and say yes.

    I’ve loved this show from day 1, episode 1 back in 2005. Never missed an episode and have written a detailed review immediately post-episode since S3. Beyond being an fantastically entertaining show that I look forward to each week, being a fan of SPN has brought me lasting friendships, breathed life into a lagging muse, and set me on a personal journey that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.

    That said, 10 seasons is a good, healthy run. There are always going to be stories that could be told, but the natural ebb of a show building on it’s own jenga tower of canon and history lends me to think that pushing past S10 would risk it toppling if we tried to add more. There are formulas that work but after awhile feel tired and predictable and I don’t want my show to get to that stage. Going out on top when you’ve told a great story that satisfies as many fans as you can (because no one can satisfy everyone) is the mark of a memorable TV Show.

    I would also like to see these actors have the freedom to branch out, play other roles in other genres, show more of the world the talent we’ve been enjoying. So…if 10 were it? This fan would be satisfied.

    • villageworks

      I concur Amanda. I love Supernatural, but I want them to have more roles and, consequently, me to have more to see! 🙂 At the same time, I just want whatever they want. If they all want to keep going, then ok. I’m along for the ride. If they want to stop, that makes sense to me too.

  • joisagirlsname

    I thought I’d just croak when the X-files ended. But I survived. I’ve binge watched. S’all okay. I’m sure I’ll stay true to form when SPN ends. But in the meantime…Do the actors love to do it? Are the writers uncompromising in quality? Is the artistry still there on all fronts? Do they as a team love the work? Can they honor their years of work by retaining their standard of storytelling? If yay, please, please, carry on!

  • Missy Ferris

    Please its time to end this show, its repeating other seasons over and over, its not all that original anymore, its gotten away from everything it has said it would do, Dean is not getting arcs, and when he does they get pulled out from under him and given to Sam, Castiel is boring and has lost his appeal, Move ON I love the show but its gotten boring and going down hill, lets let it go with a good vibe.

    • Lorri J Mac Queen


  • Bernadette Pawlowski

    I know this is unpopular opinion, but I think season 10 would be a great place for the show to end, in fact I’ve said in the past that as much as I love these new seasons, season 5 would’ve been a sufficient end to an amazing series. So yeah, I say end it at ten. I hate seeing shows go down the drain and having it become painful to watch them but you force yourself to out of this blind faith that the show will get back to the good old days. It doesn’t, it just makes you want to cry after every episode (and not in the good way).

  • TracyRochelle


    • Kyleigh Nelson

      I like that plot lol. You should write the next season! I never even thought of that as a possibility. You made me fan girl!

  • alaleh

    I want it as long as I m alive you know I want it continue as much as possible

    • Cecegirl41

      Please keep supernatural going as long as people. I haven’t met one person that isn’t in love with the show.

  • Kdarrius Da Gigglo

    no never aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Maria Mcdonald

    i love supernatural and i hope it goes beyond 10 to 11 12 13 it is my most favorite show of all time i even watch the reruns ireally love this show

  • Kevin Dockery

    never let it end. . . . maybe even bring in the Charmed ones to extend the plots!

  • Mandy

    Please No! Don’t end! My fav show ever. How will I get my Jensen fix?!

  • Ryshelle Angelofthelord Shurle

    I’m a huge fan, and the idea of supernatual ending saddens me, but I do believe season 10 should be the end. There are episodes that disappoint, with the ocassinoal AMAZING episode. I just hope, when they do end it, they make it a big ending!

    (And maybe they should bring Adam back finally)

  • silver

    Yes. Supernatural had it’s height at season 4. It’s gone downhill since then and has been pretty crappy under Gamble and now Carver. I would love for Jensen to move on. He deserves better than this crap of a show. His talents are wasted here.

  • Jenn Moore

    I want the show to go on, it seems like the longest any fantasy type show has ever made is ten years and most get stopped way before. I would like to see supernatural break the record for longest running series in its genre!

  • August

    No, I feel SPN is should continue. I am addicted to this show and honestly don’t know what I will do when it ends. I want this show to go at least season 25.

  • Lyrain

    Personally,” I am not ready to let go yet.” We have picked up allot of new viewers in last year was that question then no problem. Not just that if they start filming the boys will not be able to be with their families at night because have to go on location. Take it all in think before you say what you want. Just my thoughts on things.

  • Lorri J Mac Queen

    I want it to go on &on. It’s one of the best show ever made!

  • Naomi

    I was never into fangirl-ing thing. Hell, I hardly watched any shows on TV. But along came SUPERNATURAL and changed my life forever. I will always owe it to my sister because she was the one who told me to watch the show (or atleast check out the hot guys in it)
    I never watched the show for those two most fantastic actors, first but I immediately felt in love with the concept of the show which was new and original. Jared Padalecki *wipes drool*and Jensen Ackles chemistry made me wake up all night and wonder if I’ll ever get to meet these guys.
    This show is so much unique and different and loved by everyone who watch it just like the X-files.
    I can never imagine the show to end. If it ends, my small world of happiness ends.

  • Brooklyn Mounsey

    supernatural needs to keep on going for a very long time!!! To some people Supernatural may just be a regular tv show like all the rest out there, but to me and many others, Supernatural is more than just a regular tv show. A lot of people have made basically a fandom family with each other and the characters of the show. Going to supernatural conventions and getting to meet all the characters and new fans to add to the supernatural family, its just awsome! Even if supernatural ended i’m sure that the supernatural fandom bond will hold strong, and we would still have conventions to attend and watch the reruns of it, but for it to go on to seasons 10 11 12 13 and beyond that would mean A LOT to this fandom we have!! For it to keep going on would mean a lot because how can you say goodbye to 2 brothers and an angel that have been around and have brought people hope, and happiness, and meaning for 9 years. watching the show is like going through the emotions and the adventures that they go through and it has more meaning then most shows do and it has changed many peoples lives. To see it end before its time would be upsetting for this fandom family! Please don’t ever end supernatural!

  • Evelyn

    I love this show, I really really do. I have been here from the beginning. I watch all the episodes, I watch the repeats and I even try to watch the show on TNT when I am at home. I am always running through the seasons on my DVDs. Yes, I LOVE THIS SHOW. With that being said, I do feel that this show should end with Season 10. I would rather have the show go out while we are still on top, while we are still strong. The last thing I really want to happen with this show is for it to go into further seasons and the storytelling really starts to become stale, and interest wanes in the show. A lot of fans have already left because they have become dissatisfied with the show. I would really hate to see that happening more and more if the show continues to move on further than it should. Going out on top is the best way to go out.

    I was talking about this exact thing with some friends recently, and many of us were thinking that ending with Season 10 would be the best thing. I also suggested that maybe we could end with Season 11, but have Season 11 be a shortened season, much like The CW did with Nikita. That show had 6 episodes (I think) in their final season. What I think would be cool, is if we had a Season 11, but it be a shortened season. We would have like 7 episodes, they would all run consecutively, there would be no one-shots, and each episode would deal heavily with all the major myth arcs happening and bringing them all to a final conclusion. Given we get a full 23 episode order for Season 10, that would put us at 218 episodes overall. So, if we had a shortened Season 11, and say, we have 7 episodes, that would put us ending with 225 episodes. I think that would be very cool, and a GREAT way to end our show. As much as I love this show, and don’t want to see it end, I also would love to see Jensen and Jared in other roles, and I am sure they also would love to have an opportunity to stretch their “acting” wings in other adventures as well.

  • Tami Arens

    I want to see Supernatural go through season 13. They can do it. They have a fabulous writing team and one hell of a producer, an awesome director and a research staff. So long as Jeremy carver is at the helm, I am confident that SPN will retain its awesome, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, laughing-until-you-die-of-it magnificence. The fan base may be relatively small, but we’re mighty; the mouse that roars. So… live on Supernatural!

  • Super Fan

    I really love this show and would like to see it continue. I am recruiting new fans all the time and their reactions to the show are the same…Love it! It’s really great that one can get up to speed on the show via Netflix. The only downside is having to wait for your weekly dose:) I would love to see Jared and Jensen in movies, they are both very talented actors. Perhaps a Supernatural movie? Whatever the case, keep doing what your doing cus you guys ROCK! Thanks for the laughs and the scares too. Love you!

  • Doesthesetacostastefunnytoyou?

    there aint no me if there aint no supernatural

  • Me Happy :D ♡

    I think S10 should be the last because although i am, we all are enjoying this season and i’m sure they’ll make a nice ending to it that will keep us till next season, but i think it should end in S10. All the cast working and even crew, i think they deserve to act and write for bigger movies. They are talented enough. Everyone want their fav cast to get emmys and all bigger awards, i agree, but those awards don’t consider shows, they only consider movies, so until our fav cast does movies, there is 0 chance of them getting one. and to get one we have to let go of supernatural. I think it will be good for our fav cast to move on and show their talent at its best!

  • dill

    I think they should end it. But not until like season 11 or 12. I am starting to get a little tired of it all. I not saying I don’t like it. But things that go on too long are not good. I think 10 to 12 seasons is as far as a show should go. Even if I absolutely love a show. I usually want it to end around season 10. But I would rather them end it, instead of them getting it canceled and not get an ending at all.

  • Dracula

    Do you remember Gunsmoke went on the air for 25 years and Bones is in its 10th season. It does not matter how many years the show is on but the fans is who should be thought of. Supernatural is a great show love Dean and Sam.

  • Ass Butt

    This is more than a show. They are more than charecters these boys are family. When they hurt we do. When they smile we do. I will watch them as long as they are on air!!!

    • Elizabeth Orozco

      I couldnt agree more

  • Supernatural fan forever

    I do not want Supernatural to end. I watch it over and over again. Jared and Jensen work great together and the only way I would agree is if they are ready to end it, I love Supernatural and look forward to watching it daily.

  • Mikhail

    i wouldnt mind it ending At season 10 if they did it properly but id like it to keep on

  • AgentS

    I definitely want to see a season 10. Beyond that, who knows? I say go for it if both the Js are still willing to sign on for more, ratings are there and they feel they have cool stories to tell. I’m definitely open to a season 11 or 12. Beyond 12 though, I say they should probably wrap it at that point… that’s a long time and a lot of episodes. 😉

  • ptjackson

    In my opinion, as long as the people working on the show are content, and the ratings are good enough, it should continue.

  • Robin Vogel

    I only want Supernatural to continue if it will be a quality show, and if Jensen and Jared stay with it. They both might want to try their hand at other opportunities while still young, and I can’t blame them if that’s their choice. Both are supremely talented. As you said, if shows remain on the air past their prime and become shadows of their formal selves, it’s sad to see; I do NOT want to see that become SUPERNATURAL’S fate. Love, Robin

  • Ashley Williams

    I only have one worry, that Supernatural would go on to long and have a bad,dried out ending because they would have already told every story they could. I seen shows have endings with no justice to the fans and to the credit of the show becuase it went on to long. My husband and I are die hard fans and wants whats best for the story not just the fans.

  • Swj Minto

    The show has to go on. I wait patiently for each and every episode and believe me that is not easy.

  • Tamara Telford

    I loved Jensen in Dark Angel and Jared in Gilmore Girls. I want to see them for a long time on my tv and love their characters in Supernatural but the way things are going it seems that it would be natural to wrap up the show, even this season.

  • Elizabeth Orozco

    I agree I never want it to end and it also it the first show that I have gotten this attached to and just wait for each show I feel for the characters and love them and feel for them. I also love the actors and feel for them. I wish I was like the writer who goes to the conventions I would absolutlely love that to see my heroes. I dont think it will fall I hope it goes on It is what has made my life better and gives me a escape and a dream. It is almost like an obsession I think about it a lot. I hope it continues on I dont want to ever see it end definitely not bloody. I think there could be a way too where it doesnt have to end bloody I sure hope not cause that would truly break my heart. They could stay at the men of letters being a help to the others. I dont know but I do know I dont want it to end I love this show more then I can say

  • Melanie

    I hope that Supernatural stays on the air as long as Jared and Jensen still want to make it. It is truly my favorite television show and I cannot picture my life without it but the only way I would be satisfied for it to end is if the boys no longer wanted to keep going with it. I trust their judgement. I truly hope it surpasses even a season 10 and goes beyond that. Running out of myth-arches and ideas has never even been something that concerned me because the people who work on the show never cease to come up with creative concepts and the actors never cease to give it their all. I’m never worried with SPN becoming a boring show because in my mind that would be impossible. When a show takes a piece of your heart like this one has, you become such a loyal fan that even your least favorite episodes you’d re-watch again simply because you love escaping into the Supernatural universe and spending time with the Winchesters. It will be such a huge milestone next year to reach TEN seasons and the 200th episode, so I am eagerly awaiting the official announcement 🙂 There will absolutely be a hole in my heart when the show does officially end because of course nothing lasts forever… but I will be okay with it if they bow out when they are ready to. I’ll still have my complete series collection to keep me warm at night haha 😉

  • jjkrock1

    If it were up to me, I’d want the show to go for at least a few more seasons. These actors have so much depth and talent that I’m sure I’d never git tired of watching them. As long as the writers keep interesting stories coming, this will continue to be a good show because all the necessary pieces are there.

  • Virgininia

    Supernatural shall never end. If it does I don’t know what I will do with my life. This show needs to stay on for many more years.

  • me

    I LOVE SUPERNATURAL BUT this season has need very disappointing and anticlimatic. They need to get the plot in line and figure out what they are doing and stop all these side-episosdes that have nothing to do with the totality of the nedning and plot. Come on guys you can do better than this.