Exclusive Interview: Keahu Kahuanui Talks Teen Wolf Season 3B, Danny’s Secrets, Game of Thrones, and More

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Can’t get enough of MTV’s Teen Wolf? Neither can we.

TV Equals got a chance to talk to Keahu Kahuanui who plays Danny Mahealani on the show and ask him some of our burning questions about what is coming up.

During our talk, Kahuanui teased what we can expect for Danny the rest of the season and possible secrets we still have to uncover about him, his future projects, his love for Game of Thrones and more.

What can you tease about what’s coming up for Danny in the rest of the season?

Keahu Kahuanui: One hint is that there may be a spark between him and Ethan. Obviously he did his best effort to help him throw that party. So I would say that might win him a few points.

Danny has been around a lot of weird stuff? How much do you think he knows or suspects, or is he completely oblivious to everything happening around him?

Keahu Kahuanui: I mean, if it were me, personally, I think I’d be a little freaked at all the stuff that goes on around me, or at least I’d be a little bit more curious. But also, Danny has been in Beacon Hills for quite a while, obviously, and so have the rest of the kids. So even though some of the stuff has happened, there’s a history of it in Beacon Hills and I think maybe it’s just become so commonplace that that’s why it’s something he maybe doesn’t think two or three times about as he should. I can think of other supernatural towns where things aren’t quite right, but yet some people don’t tend to ask very many questions.

Would you want him to find out about some of the supernatural things going on?

Keahu Kahuanui: I’d say I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m too afraid of the implications of that.

Is there something that no one knows about Danny yet that you can tell us, or just any random fact that you haven’t been asked about before?

Keahu Kahuanui: There’s definitely more to Danny I think we still haven’t gotten into. He’s been in more episodes as of each season, but I feel there’s some depth to him and things we could uncover. His last name also, Mahealani, which means night of the full or night of the heavenly moon, is something that has also yet to be explained. So who knows? I honestly don’t know.

If you could talk to Danny, what would you say to him?

Keahu Kahuanui: Run!

What’s been the most surprising part of being on ‘Teen Wolf’ so far?

Keahu Kahuanui: That I haven’t passed out from all the workouts that I’ve had to do in order to be in shape.

Is there a moment that stands out for you during your time on the show?

Keahu Kahuanui: Not in particular. I mean, I feel just going to work everyday and being able to work on the set that I do is something that stands out. I’ve worked on a few other sets and as great as they’ve been, I still don’t know…as actors, we are fortunate to be able to work on sets like the ones that work as well as ‘Teen Wolf.’

I read that you were a fan of board games. Do you think they could integrate that into his character on the show?

Keahu Kahuanui: Like he’s a pro Dungeons and Dragons player? I don’t know, maybe. It would be fun.

Do you have any other projects that you’re working on right now?

Keahu Kahuanui: Nothing that I can speak to now, but definitely a few projects. Let’s just say that I keep very, very busy. My free time is almost non-existent.

So exciting stuff to look forward to then?

Keahu Kahuanui: Absolutely.

If you could guest star on any show, which one would it be?

Keahu Kahuanui: I’m a huge fan of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and between the…I guess it’s not necessarily a period piece, but where it takes place and the medieval nature of it as well as having a little bit of magic, not to mention just the types of actors and characters that you get to interact with, that would be a dream job.

Let’s make it happen. What role can we give you?

Keahu Kahuanui: I’ve read all of the books. Let’s just say that there are a few roles that have yet to come up that I could possibly fill.

Do you want to give names just to put it out there?

Keahu Kahuanui: I don’t want to jinx it. But yes, if there’s ever a show on TV, ‘Game of Thrones’ would be it.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

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