Beauty and The Beast Review Season 2 “Recipe for Disaster”


The Beauty and The Beast teasers pointed to the possible death of J.T., but it was another cast member who would end up sacrificing themselves up against this week’s villain and con-man Tony Barnes. Tonight’s episode was filled with twists and turns that were hard to see coming. The episode kicked off with a celebration after J.T. is awarded a fake $5,000 grant and his own lab. He’s excited, everyone is excited, all but Tori, who has made her jealousy clear when it comes to Catherine and Vincent’s late night talks over the stolen gem. Vincent ends up telling Tori he needs space.

Agent Landon’s discovery that Vincent isn’t human was also a huge revelation. She took it well, too well, teaming up with the gang in the hopes that she would find her missing husband Sam, who is secretly being held hostage by Barnes.

Barnes wants J.T. to replicate the Murfield serum to make a beast that he can contain, or so he says. He’s aware that J.T. knows Vincent and says that he’ll let him go in exchange for Vincent. Trying to redeem herself, Tori tracks J.T. in the hopes of redeeming herself, but it’s a trap, and Barnes ends up killing her. It didn’t seem likely that Tori would meet her death and end the love triangle. There’s still Gabe however, who tells Catherine that he’s moving on with his life professionally and leaving the precinct. He is willing to wait for her and she seems happy. The episode leaves Vincent feeling guilty and alone.

After the gem is buried, J.T. brings scotch, support and the truth that he volunteered Vincent for the experiment that changed him into a beast. Vincent takes it well, but somehow the situation doesn’t seem over. The closest thing to a happy ending came when Rebecca Landon discovered that Barnes’ other hostage was none other than Sam.