7 New Shows Premiering Soon That I’ll Be Watching

Sirens, Turn, Beleive, Star Crossed, Mind Games, Resurrection, The 100

So, here we are, navigating the semi-doldrums of the TV schedule. With the holidays a month behind us, a plethora of awards shows, the football season done, and the Olympics about to start, there is still a lot of variability in what is being shown. Throw in some upcoming award shows and March madness, and it is not about to end anytime soon! Keeping track of what is new programming has become very complicated, and I am grateful for this website’s “On TV Tonight” page, which I visit frequently.

Addiitonal variables in the equation of our TV viewing are the programs that are ending their seasons and the programs returning to the air and/or premiering during the next couple of months. I would like to take a brief look at the new shows I am excitedly looking forward to this late winter/early spring.

For those of you that have read my columns before, you know that I lean heavily towards science fiction and fantasy programming. This does not mean I don’t watch other programs – I also like crime dramas and comedies. And, another item that attracts me to a TV show is the use of snark in the dialogue. I prefer snappy banter and clever retorts.

Star Crossed – Feb. 17 – The CW

Star Crossed

There is nothing more classic than the human meets alien and falls in love storyline! This program, which is currently being advertised heavily on The CW, tells just that tale, from the teen perspective – after all, it is The CW!

Science fiction is a perfect vehicle to explore prejudice and other issues of morality because it is not so personally threatening – I mean, aliens are not real, so a story including biases against them are just fantasy, right? Any viewer with half a brain will still get the point, though.

Mind Games – Feb. 25 – ABC

Mind Games Cast

Full disclosure, I adore Christian Slater. I miss his last series, Breaking In, and am so happy to see him once again on TV! Let’s hope ABC is not as trigger happy as Fox is when it comes to canceling shows. Yeah, the minute I wrote that I saw the error in my thinking.

But, come on, any show that uses “Jedi mind tricks” as part of the dialogue has me hooked even without Christian! The business that is the focus of this show uses science, con-artistry and the aforementioned Jedi mind tricks to help their clients achieve their dreams and goals. Sounds like fun – I wonder how much they charge?

Sirens – Mar. 6 – USA

Sirens Cast

Sirens is being heavily advertised on USA, and will launch following the premiere of the new Suits episode. Chicago seems to be the place to go for uniformed emergency services shows. On other networks we already have a show about fire fighters and a show about police officers set in Chicago, and now we have Sirens, about EMTs in Chicago.

This is a comedy show, and could do for EMTs what Psych did for psychic detectives. The previews tell me it has the banter I love, so I am looking forward to its premiere!

Resurrection – Mar. 9 – ABC

Resurrection Cast

Here is a different take on the classic zombie tale – and since zombies are all over the place, a fresh take is welcome. What would you do if someone you thought was long dead suddenly appeared at your door? Add to that shock another one – that person is also the same age they were when they died!

I adore a good mystery, and it seems this show will be asking some very fundamental questions and exploring some really intense human emotions and beliefs! Plus, there are secrets, including what exactly happened to the young boy who turns up alive.

Believe – Mar. 10 then Mar. 16 – NBC


Child with special powers – check, evil organization trying to find said child – check. Ok, so the plot seems a little over done, right? Movies and TV shows have plumbed this depth before, but let’s hope they find something fresh and new to include in this program!

In Believe, the young girl travels with an escaped convict who was wrongfully convicted. They must of course evade the evil organization that is after her. What makes him so special that those protecting her turned to him for assistance when they were no longer able to control her powers is one of the mysteries of the show.

BTW, is there anything sci-fi or fantasy related that JJ Abrams is not involved in anymore? Not that I am complaining since he was/is involved in four of my favorite shows – Fringe, Person of Interest, Revolution and Almost Human.

The 100 – Mar. 19 – The CW

Clarke, Wells, Bellamy, Octavia - The 100

After a nuclear war, all of earth’s survivors live on a space station. A group of 100 juvenile delinquent teens is sent to earth to see if it can be re-inhabited. Yes, it is The CW again. But, if I can get past the parts appealing to a demographic I have long left behind, it could be interesting to see what exactly earth is like after a nuclear holocaust.

They have recently started promoting this program on The CW. Two headed deer anyone? And, I am pretty sure there will be snark aplenty on this show, since it is about teens.

Turn – Apr. 6 – AMC

Turn Cast

Question – how many spy dramas do you watch? There are many to choose from on TV at the moment, whether in first run or syndication. This show has an interesting twist – it is set during the American Revolution, and is based on Alexander Rose’s non-fiction book Washington’s Spies.

Turn tells the story of the origins of The Culper Ring, George Washington’s spy network. Set in 1778, the story is about Abraham Woodhull, the actual spymaster who formed the Ring from a group of his childhood friends and fellow patriots.


What new programs are you looking forward to watching in the next couple of months? Let me know in the comments section below!