The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Run to You”

Run to You

If there was any doubt before that The Carrie Diaries would be done and dusted once this second season finale, ‘Run to You’ was over, then the events that transpired confirmed it. This was a series finale to the point where you wonder how they would ever pick it up again if the CW were to grant it a surprise renewal and, for fans of this show as much as Sex and the City, it was as perfectly satisfying as we could have expected.

But it wasn’t the traditional happy ending we might have been expecting, with the show instead dealing a healthy dose of reality into Carrie’s existence that stripped her of her first love, her stable family life, work and college all in the space of an hour. Whether you see this as setbacks or necessary character building depends on your own life experiences, but I definitely fall into the latter camp. I couldn’t have envisaged a better send-off for Carrie than this, and seeing her working for her dreams and building her life from the ground up is a fantastic message to put out there for younger fans going through the same struggles.

On the surface, this show is so light and fluffy that it’s in danger of floating away from week to week, but underneath The Carrie Diaries has always had a strong core of realism. Success takes hard work, sacrifice and heartache and, as someone with big dreams of working in the city as a full-time writer, and knowing the end-result from watching Sarah Jessica Parker et al in NYC, that’s a fulfilling thing to watch evolve. Add to that the sublime group of actors they’ve got working there, Anna Sophia Robb specifically, and it’s been a joy to watch this series grow, change and take chances over the last two seasons.

It’s never been perfect, but there was a confidence in this final episode that pointed to the ultimate vision of the writers. They’ve had the conviction to put their heroine through struggles and force her into making hard decisions – decisions that don’t always work out – and that’s rare for a show aimed at teens. She wasn’t punished for jumping into her relationship, but was instead presented with the more difficult path of fighting for her life in New York – toiling and struggling for her dreams rather than running away towards the easier option like so many lost people are prone to do.

But if it does get picked up for a third season, then what a ride we’re in for! The final montage of goodbyes and new beginnings saw Sebastian head to Malibu alone, Dorrit finally find some common ground with Tom, Bennett and Walt happily together, Larissa married, Mouse and West saying a proper goodbye, Maggie getting engaged to her soldier boyfriend and Carrie and Samantha deciding to live together. If this is the last we see of the gang, then I can’t think of anything more we could have wanted but, if we do revisit them later this year, then I can only imagine the shenanigans Carrie and Samantha will be getting up to in the city.

What did you think of the episode? Do you hope there will be a third season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.