Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Na hala a ka makua” – Fathers and Daughters

Na hala a ka makua (Sins of the Father)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Na hala a ka makua” (Hawaiian for “Sins of the Father”), Steve and Danny are kidnapped by a convicted killer who throws them for a loop when he announces the real reason he took them hostage.

This episode looked at the sometimes complicated relationships between fathers and daughters from multiple points of view. The truly interesting part though, was realizing that no matter how different those relationships can be, they can also be a lot alike.

Comparing Danny and Grace to Parrish and his daughter, it would seem that there were no similarities at all. But though they were hard to find, they were there. Parrish did a lot of things in his life that he wasn’t proud of, things that turned his daughter against him. While Danny wasn’t anything like Parrish, he still had a moment when he realized that he too did things that he wasn’t proud of. The difference is that Danny has a chance to change those things. Well, that and the fact that he’s not ever going to be sent to jail and therefore separated from his daughter for many years.

As for Parrish’s story, I had my suspicions that he was going to kidnap the guys and then tell them he was innocent and instantly turn into this nice guy that they would help out. But that thought was blown out of the water the moment he put a gun to Danny’s neck, called Grace and threatened to let her hear her father die. Right then and there I decided that Parrish was a cold-blooded killer intent on nothing but killing the material witness to his crime and using Steve and Danny anyway he needed to escape.

Imagine my surprise when, about halfway through the episode, the whole story flipped on its ear and my initial predictions came true. Once again, I have to tip my hat to the writers for pulling me in, hook, line and sinker – even when I thought I had the story completely figured out.

In the end, the story of Parrish became a sad one as he was able to finally tell his daughter that he was innocent of his worst crime, but only right before dying in her arms.

My favorite bits:

Hearing the judge convicting Parrish and sentencing him to jail, while watching him escape. Fun way to open the episode.

Danny asking the kid what he was in for.

Danny pointing out to the principal that, as a cop, he was looking for motive. Makes sense to me.

Finding out that Grace hit the little boy so hard he needed stitches. Youch.

“Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?”

LOL! I was so thinking that Grace actually reminded me of Danny, especially when she said the thing about not being a rat. Glad to see that Steve agrees with me.

Danny and Steve finding Parrish a heck of a lot faster than they anticipated.

Parrish calling Danny “blondie.” Haha! See, that’s funny because Michael Madsen played Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs (one of my most favorite movies, like, ever).

Parrish calling Grace. That was pretty awful.

Steve being forced to order Grover to send units all the way across the island. Oh boy.

Steve and Danny raising their handcuffed hands to show the motorist.

Parrish claiming that Danny had an attitude problem and Steve pointing out that getting a gun pointed in his face brought out the worst in him. Loved seeing him defend his buddy.

Steve informing Parrish that they were going to have a hard time tracking down Akama, since the address was on the phones he smashed. Oops.

Everyone finally realizing that Steve and Danny were in trouble.

Thinking that Steve’s idea of questioning Akama sounded pretty good. If anyone can get the truth out of Akama, it would be Steve and Danny.

Parrish asking Danny where he was when Grace was born and then telling Danny how he lost time with his own daughter.

Steve and Danny working together to get control of Parrish. OMG I nearly had a heart attack when the gun went off.

Danny reminding Steve that the break was the square petal on the right.

Danny revealing that he lied about Akama and coughing up the man’s address.

“Buckle up.”

The guys walking in to find Akama dead. Uh oh.

“Why is it everywhere you go, people are shooting at you?”

“Did you say ‘patsy’?” “I did. I’ve been wanting to use that word for a while.” – And he wonders why Grace talks about not being a rat? Um, hello.

Nearly jumping out of my skin when Parrish was shot.

Lauren telling her dad that she believed him and she loved him. Show, why you have to make me cry again? *sniffles*

Parrish getting his posthumous pardon. (So glad I only had to type that and not say it out loud.)

Lauren reading all the letters from her dad.

The entire conversation between Danny and Grace in the elevator.

Grace pulling out the “You should see the other guy” line. Again, that is so Danny!

Grover telling Kamekona that people were eating and they didn’t want to see “all that.”

Danny checking to make sure that Steve’s money was real. Ha!

“She’s a great kid, Danny.”
“She’s got a mean right cross, too.”

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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