‘The 100’ (The CW) Trailer: “It’s Their World Now”

The 100 CW

Leave it to The CW to have a group of teens to re-inherit Earth and then go all Lord of the Flies on the place.

The CW’s latest trailer for their post-apocalyptic drama The 100, focuses on the anarchy that takes place when 100 “delinquent” teens are sent to Earth to see if it’s viable after humans permanently abandoned it more than 90 years before. They are technically the only hope for humanity’s survival, but at least one among them is more interested in starting his own fight club inspired civilization.

The good news is among the predictable parts are cool twists including two-headed dear mutations and glowing butterflies that hint at just how much Earth was ravaged before the humans left. Check out the trailer below. Do you think The 100 will be sci-fi fun or a mess of genre tropes?

The 100 premieres Wednesday, March 19th on The CW.