Lost Girl Season 4 Review “Lovers.apart”

LostGirl "lovers.apart"

This week’s Lost Girl felt like it should’ve been the season opener. Bo is back in action and doesn’t seem worse for wear. She demonstrates some succubus moves, fights for the forces of good, and reunites with Dyson. She also has a flash of violence that makes me think she’s still walking the line between light and dark fae.

Last week, Bo escaped the trans-dimensional railroad. We learn that she lands in some bizarre fairytale/modern world chateau. The home’s inhabitants are under a curse that drives them to lock themselves in basement cells once a year. Bo may not be at 100%, but she remembers that she is a solver of supernatural problems. She offers to help them break the curse. She quickly learns it’s not a ghost causing all the drama – it’s a body-jumper fae.

As Bo tries to help the family, we see flashes of our hero. It is touching when she tears up while listening to the story of the family’s tragic history. This gives me hope that if Bo ever truly swings to the dark side, her heart will still be firmly with the light.

The family’s smartass daughter is a little over the top – especially when she knocks Bo out with a frying pan to the head. Was that necessary? Bo didn’t exactly look menacing in her RenFaire throwback dress. It is kind of funny that this normal looking family has an ancestral home complete with dungeon cells and nobody finds that odd.

Bo is so busy trying to help everyone else that she ignores her own illness. Jumping from the train triggered some kind of sickness that can only be cured by an elemental. Clio helps Dyson with his illness, and the two jump the train to find Bo. There is something about Clio that I find grating, so hopefully, her role is transitory.

Bo eventually faces off with the body-jumper, Jumbee. Bo feeds off her chi, which tosses Bo into an olden time flashback where she learns that Jumbee (an elemental) and her fiancé were murdered. The curse is Jumbee’s revenge on the murderers’ descendants. Dyson and Clio arrive just in time to help Bo put Jumbee’s soul to rest. Dyson and Bo marry as the souls of the departed. I hope that’s not the only wedding we ever see between Dyson and Bo. It’s not exactly romantic getting hitched at an open grave – not even for the Lost Girl.

After the drama is resolved, Clio makes a pretty sad attempt to kidnap Bo for Vex. She really should’ve known that she was outmatched. Bo unleashes a surprising can of whoop-ass on her. Bo’s reaction is definitely excessive, and it was surprising that Dyson didn’t seem phased by it.

Meanwhile, in Yawnsville, Lauren is still waitressing with a boss who needs a course in workplace sexual harassment. Lauren has been fending her off, but her resolve crumbles. In a surprisingly vigorous encounter, Lauren breaks down her walls. She doesn’t anticipate that her boss will sell her out. At the end, we see Lauren is kidnapped, but we don’t know by whom.

The Morrigan is also back in full dark fae force. She’s taking out her anger on anyone who crosses her path. Nothing can appease her except…a new eyeball. You can’t blame her given the less than fashionable eye patch she’s sporting. With her eyesight restored, she’s a sassy, sexy bitch again.

It’s an interesting twist at the end that Bo and Dyson don’t remember the train. That is clearly going to have some significance and it appears that the Wanderer may know that Bo has escaped. I liked that Dyson was still wearing the ring. I’d also like to point out that unlike Lauren, Dyson has been trying all this time to find Bo. I think it’s time for Lauren to move along.

Lost Girl "lovers.apart"

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