The Fosters (ABC Family) Interview: Cierra Ramirez on Mariana, Young Love and More

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ABC Family’s groundbreaking family drama The Fosters has been offering up amazing episodes this winter as the series continues its breakout first season. Recently, TV Equals joined in a conference call with Cierra Ramirez who plays Mariana Foster. Ramirez discussed the joys of working on such an important series, Mariana’s upcoming first brush with romance, which character she would play if Mariana and much more.

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On Why She Loves The Fosters

Ramirez clearly loves her job. She spoke passionately about how meaningful it has been to her to work on a series that allows many families to see themselves reflected on television in a positive light. “I met a few lesbian couples raising families and blended families, and I’ve been able to speak with them about the show,” Ramirez said. “They’re so excited about the fact that there’s something on the air that they can relate to.”

She went on to discuss how excited she is that The Fosters “is making history” and that it has such a universal appeal. For her, one of the best perks of the job is not only working with people she admires and loves seeing everyday, but also meeting fans whose lives the show has touched.

What’s Ahead for Mariana

The first half of the season took Mariana to some dark places as her desire to help her birth mother put her family in jeopardy. Things will be lighter moving forward as Mariana begins flirting with the idea of romance. However, Ramirez warned us not to get too comfortable just yet. “A lot of her stuff will come back to haunt her, so you can definitely look forward to some dark stuff coming up,” Ramirez teased.

In the mean time though, Mariana’s biggest challenge will be facing pressure from her friends, siblings and even herself, to fall in love for the first time. As fans know, a love triangle of sorts is brewing on the show as Mariana falls for Chase (Garrett Clayton). However, things won’t go smoothly in the love department as Mariana navigates the world of teen love for the first time.

Ramirez noted one issue she would liked to see explored on the show is the loss of virginity for a teen girl. “I think Mariana would be interesting in that scenario,” Ramirez said on the subject. “You might be able to see something like that on this upcoming season.”

How Mariana Feels About Callie Leaving

Mariana and Callie originally didn’t get along since Mariana was used to being the only girl. However, as the series progressed the two continued to grow closer– at least until Callie ran away. Losing a sister figure will definitely have an impact on Mariana and her relationship with Callie. While Ramirez noted that “Cierra is Team Brallie,” Mariana is far less impressed by her brother’s interest in their possible foster sister thanks to the way it is affecting the family dynamic.

Cierra on Mariana

Mariana is perceived as the family’s good girl, but Ramirez sees Cierra as far more complicated: “She is growing and she comes from a different background. She’s very curious, but she’s sassy, she’s witty, she’s loving and caring at the same time. I love her. I think she’s a great character and I love being able to portray her.”

The surprising thing Ramirez has been able to bring to the character? Her love of interesting nail art, so keep an eye on Mariana’s cool nail designs in the future.

If She Couldn’t Play Mariana…

Ramirez would want to play Jude. Yes, Jude. She sighted how bravely the 13-year-old deals with the turmoil in his life as a primary reason. According to Ramirez, the character “holds a special place in her heart.”

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