‘Saint George’ Series Premiere Date Announced by FX

George Lopez’s FX comedy Saint George will premiere March 6th at 9PM, EW reports.

The veteran comedian struck a 10/90 deal with FX (the same model used for Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management), which means if the first 10 episodes of the comedy meet a certain ratings threshold, Saint George will be picked up for 90 more. The model is designed to get sitcoms to the coveted 100 episode mark, at which time they can be sold into syndication.

Lopez’s family comedy has a decent shot. It stars Lopez as a recently divorced man caught between cultures, who also happens to be a night school teacher. As he balances life with his Mexican-American mother and American ex-wife, he will find himself compromising in order to make everyone happy. Add in his role as a father, and balancing the other assorted relatives who are in his life (including an uncle played by Danny Trejo), and it starts to become clear why the series is called Saint George.

Will you be watching Lopez’s new show?