Girls Season 3 Review “Deep Inside”

Girls Season 3 Episode 4 Deep Inside-5

We always suspected that Hannah was dead inside, but this week’s Girls, ‘Deep Inside’, took things to a whole new level. After her editor, David, is found dead right in the middle of her scheduled meeting time, she reacts just as we expect her too – by worrying about the status of her e-book now that the only person who gave her a chance has left this mortal coil. Both Adam’s noise of derision and Ray’s disbelief that even he feels worse about the event were both perfect reminders of how far Hannah still has to go before she’s a fully-functioning adult able to process the world around her.

The one issue of Girls season three, that comes hand in hand with its major strength, is the fact that Adam and Hannah’s relationship is starting to make less and less sense as the week’s go by. Adam is now our moral center – our voice of reason – and that just highlights the various emotional and rational shortcomings of our protagonist. If he hates the way she reacts to David’s death, and her summation of how she would feel should he die tomorrow, then what is keeping him in the relationship? Things felt more equal when we thought of Adam as the weirdo in the relationship, but these are different times.

And this episode even tested our own patience with Hannah as, right in the middle of a moment where we could dare to guess she was realizing the truth of her emotions about David, she tells Adam the same heartbreaking (and fake) story Caroline had just told to her. I find it kind of hard to believe that Adam hadn’t heard it before, given the level of detail Caroline went into at first, but it’s still endlessly disappointing to watch Hannah try on other people’s experiences rather than giving her own a chance to develop.

The supporting stories this week were pretty uninspiring, with Marnie storming out of her job at the cafe after finding Ray watching her ‘What I Am’ video, and Jessa discovering that a friend she thought had died is actually alive, married with a baby. I’m not entirely sure what purpose this story served other than further showing Jessa how much she has to change is she is to regain the trust of those around her, but it would be nice for Girls to show rather than tell in this case. It’s all well and good to point out the floors in these characters but, with the exception of Shoshana, it’s high time that they actually started to evolve.

What did you think of the episode? Do you understand something about the Adam/Hannah dynamic that I’m missing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.