The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “This is the Time”

This is the Time

First things first – those dresses were hideous! Putting my ignorance about 80s fashion aside, The Carrie Diaries’ prom episode was a sweet calm before the storm episode that we’ll be glad of should the series end after next week’s season finale.

I loved how, in despite the fact that three-quarters of the gang are attached, the original gang decided to attend prom together pretty much stag. There was no Samantha and minimal Sebastian or Bennett, and this was as honest a depiction of those last days of high school as I can think of. Come time for prom and graduation, significant others related to your imagined future don’t come into it much, and that sentiment is going to play a huge role in how Carrie and Sebastian’s relationship will fare when he tells her of his plans to move to Malibu.

Is he right to relate Carrie’s own ambition to his own? I’ve commented before on how well the show is able to reflect and relate its stories to the issues of 2013 and, along with the fantastic gay marriage and abortion storylines that have been a part of this second season, Carrie’s decision to skip college and forge ahead with her career at Interview is definitely a story worth telling to the show’s young audience. Now, more than ever, teenagers are having to make the choice between the two, and it’s great to show that struggle as it would be under the different attitude of 80s America.

So without the support or her father, she instead had to turn to the advice of someone she thought was out of her life – Weaver. It makes complete sense to me that this would happen since, despite the way their relationship ended, Weaver was her first taste of adult life in the big city. He represents the ideal she has for her life, writing in New York, and would have more of an influence on her decision than her family, her friends or Sebastian. I liked that the show brought his back for this one conversation, and it made Carrie’s first real relationship into something with at least a little bit of closure.

More closure came with the apparent resolution of Walt’s own struggle, as he reconciled with Bennett and decided to spend the last hours of prom with the person he loved, no matter the consequences it would have for other parts of his life. I’m not entirely sure we needed to see the u-turn his family took regarding his orientation – will he be able to bring Bennett over for dinner? Or invite them to his wedding? – but it’s still a nice ending to a well-told story. It’s a shame there wasn’t enough time to explore it further, but it was still one of the strongest parts of a fantastic second season.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Carrie made the right decision about college? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.