Helix (Syfy) Interview: Billy Campbell and Jordan Hayes Talk Their Characters’ Relationship, What’s Ahead and More

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Helix is shaping up to be a deliciously dense sci-fi treat, but also an enigmatic one. Recently, TV Equals joined in a conference call with two of the series lead actors, Billy Campbell (Dr. Alan Farragut) and Jordan Hayes (Dr. Sarah Jordan). The duo discussed the nature of their characters’ relationship, the chances of a Helix style outbreak happening in real life and what fans can expect as the series continues its first season. Read on below for all the scoop, and don’t forget to tune in to Helix, Fridays at 10PM on Syfy.

How Close Are Alan and Jordan?

Fans have surely noticed Alan and Sarah’s budding relationship, but will it become romantic in nature? As of right now, both Campbell and Hayes describe the connection as a “mentor/student relationship.” Hayes elaborated, “I think that Sarah has a lot of admiration for Alan. And she really holds his opinion in high esteem. And she really wants to make him proud and improve her worth and impress him.”

So no romance is in the air…not yet, anyway. (They kind of have their hands full with the whole deadly outbreak thing at the moment.)

Is Helix Grounded in Science?

The news is constantly discussing one outbreak or another. While they’re usually of the salmonella variety rather than the “turn you into a black goo oozing, killing machine” type, there is still something eerily real about the concept behind Helix that heightens the tension in the series. When asked if the idea of a virus similar to Helix‘s made the show all the scarier, Hayes said one of the best parts about the show is how “real” it is.

Meanwhile, Campbell chimed in, “I think it goes to, like, sort of our most primal fears, you know the thing which you cannot see that will come in the night and kill you from the inside out. And I can’t imagine much of anything creepier than that.”

Hayes on Sarah

The young scientist has been thrust into a complex field assignment, and Hayes revealed that as the season moves along, Sarah will find herself in situations “where she is forced to do things that she never thought that she would be capable of doing.” As for those hand tremors, Hayes was told upfront what the reason behind them is– so while the plot point remains a mystery for us, Hayes knew from the start what that particular issue meant for Sarah.

On the Series’ Creepy Special Effects

Helix harbors quite a few horror elements. From dismembering a scientist for his hand to a body completely dissolved into the black goo of the Vectors, the first three episodes have been packed with creepy moments. It turns out these effects add to the actor’s experience as well. “But you can well imagine opening a body bag and having the goop drip out and having the skeleton there, it was all very, very conducive to that kind of feeling,” Campbell said.

While Hayes added, “I mean if you look at Peter Farragut who’s played by Neil Napier, if you look at his makeup I mean it’s just terrifying. Our special effects team in Montreal is just unbelievable.”

What’s ahead in season one?

If you were worried about the base becoming too claustrophobic, don’t be. It turns out the world within the series will continue to expand and bring in new characters. One of the most notable of which will be played by Jeri Ryan. Additionally, Alan and his infected ex-wife will go to a listening station off base in an upcoming episode and Campbell calls the set “dreadfully, dreadfully creepy.”

While he didn’t divulge what episode their trip will take place in, he did say it was one of his favorite sets and what happens there is “intensely, intensely creepy.”

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