Revolution Season 2 Review “Captain Trips”

Revolution Season Episode 12 Captain Trips (3)

Since coming back from the winter break, Revolution has been fairly hit-or-miss on its various story arcs. Unfortunately, “Captain Trips” chose to focus on what’s been a fairly big miss for me, the ongoing Patriot presence in Willoughby. There were definitely some strong scenes to help balance things out, but this was overall a fairly dull episode.

The thing that’s really helped Revolution in its second season is the consistent style and tone it’s managed to keep. The downside to consistency, though, is that there’s always the danger of repetition, and that’s sadly what the whole plague storyline feels like. Really, the arrival and death of Horne should’ve been the end of Willoughby. By the midseason finale, the Patriots had been fully established as an untrustworthy, despicable organization. The idea that they would want to weed out “undesirables” isn’t exactly a surprise, and the fact that this is once again taking place in Willoughby further detracts from the excitement.

Much more effective was the Tom and Julia story, which did a good job of finally uniting them and proving once and for all where Julia’s loyalty lies. This was the first episode in while to utilize flashbacks and it was actually a welcome mechanic. These scenes did a good job of showing the lengths the two were willing to go to in order to protect their son. It also showed just how perfect the two are for one another. This all added up to make their final scene particularly heartbreaking, leaving us wondering what’s next in their ongoing war with the Patriots.

The Aaron and Priscilla scenes were brief this week, not really offering much. Grace’s disappearance suggests she was only around to spout off the requisite technobabble last week. This week, it fell to the nanobots themselves to once again guide their “parents” to a new location. Really, these scenes probably could’ve been left out. Priscilla’s resistance was short-lived, thanks to a show of force from the nanobots, and it wasn’t really new information that the ‘bots can cause a lot of destruction.

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