Ravenswood Season 1 Review “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

Ravenswood Episode 8 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (3)

On the latest episode of “Ravenswood,” Remy decided to go all Dream Warrior on us, and try and confront her nightmares head on, in “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” After stabbing her dad and nearly stabbing Luke to boot, she checked herself into a place that studies night terrors and the like and did the whole sleep study thing, while doctors monitored her. It did not go well, but it would have gone a lot worse if Miranda hadn’t managed to swoop in and save the day.

So, we discovered that the man with a knife haunting Remy’s dreams had plagued her before, back when she was all of seven, and she had even drawn the pictures to prove it. However, the nightmares went away for a while, but clearly they were back in full force, and the reason was because the man in question was also the preacher who took part in the pact that Remy witnessed via flashback or whatever you want to call what she saw in a previous episode. What he wants to know is how Remy witnessed what she did, and I’m right there with him.

Not to mention how did Miranda manage to jump into someone else’s dream? Sure, they are connected via the pact and the fact that Remy’s supposed to be dead already, but how does that mean she can hop into her head like that? The only thing I could puzzle out was that it must be connected to the cameo thing she touched just before.

Besides, who knows what sorts of powers ghosts have on this show? It would seem that some of them may well be back from the dead and occupying the living, if that little girl and Dillon are any indication. Are they possessed, though, or actually ghosts who were somehow resurrected? I mean, I’m assuming Liv knew Dillon for some time, right? They’ve been dating for a while. If Dillon was sent back with the sole intention of seducing and…whatever else he’s up to, then how did it happen? So many questions.

Other stuff: It would seem that Dillon forced Springer to plant the knife in Luke and Liv’s yard to implicate their mother. However, it would also seem that the preacher wants the knife back. If he didn’t ask Dillon to do that, who did? For that matter, who actually killed L&L’s dad? And what was Springer’s dad in jail for? What’s up with that “Unseen Forces” book? Who left that message on the wall? Why was that professor acting so cagey about ghosts and letting Caleb see the book? Is leaving the house taking a toll on Miranda, and should she not be doing it? Why did Collins freak out about Caleb threatening to break the jar? Did he kill Springer at the end of the episode? Might it have been Tess? (Remember, her name was on Springer’s phone and she was at the hospital, too.)

A pretty decent episode overall, and creepy at times, especially in terms of Remy’s freaky dreams, and Miranda’s “hallucinations.” There were also some clever lines here and there, like the comment about filling out the forms for the sleep study with Remy and Luke (“I’ll just check ‘other’…”), and her comment that her room looked like “Stanley Kubrick’s guest room” (which it so did). Granted, the episode raised more questions than it answered, but it is only the first season, so I guess that’s to be expected.

What did you think of this episode of “Ravenswood”? Do you care for the direction things are headed in? What do you make of the freaky preacher? Or the little girl? Any idea what’s going on with Dillon and company? Will Miranda ever find ghost love from beyond the grave? Fill in the answers to your form down below, and I’ll see you…in your dreams! MWHAHAHA…