Justified Season 5 Review “Good Intentions”

Justified Season 5 Episode 3 Good Intentions (6)

Justified has always been a slow burn, so it’s no great surprise that this week’s episode meandered a bit. I’m just not clear on what our overarching story is for the season. We have all these little offshoots of various drug deals and WT power plays. I would prefer to have a bigger story so we don’t mired down in too many random characters that appear for a couple episodes and are then gone.

Raylan is still living large in Monroe’s house, and Monroe is desperate to get him out of there. When a guy with a baseball bat shows up, Raylan thinks that Monroe is behind it. When Art learns of Raylan’s visitor, he assigns Brooks to move into the mansion. Bye bye bachelor pad. She scores the best line of the episode when she tells Raylan, “Call me if you’re going to be late for supper.”

Turns out, the guy is connected to Raylan’s new squeeze, Allison. He has a grudge against her for putting his son in foster care after allegedly finding meth mixed in with the kid’s toys. He tells Raylan that the drugs were actually planted by Allison, which Raylan refuses to believe. Considering how many lowlifes Raylan has dealt with, you’d think that he would be a bit more skeptical of strangers – even the pretty ones. Raylan doesn’t really know Allison, so the fact that he tries to justify her actions is disappointing. At least Brooks is smart enough to question Allison.

There is definitely trouble in paradise for Boyd and Ava. She’s unhappy that he doesn’t seem to be making her a priority. Boyd also looked like he would have caved in to Mara’s seductions without a second thought. Combined with Boyd’s refusal to switch places with Ava when Paxton offered, there probably is no happily ever after for these two.

Paxton is awake and mad as hell. He asks the police not to arrest Boyd, but to put a bullet in his head. Problem for Boyd is that he can’t take Paxton out first. If Paxton dies, his affidavit against Ava stands. If he lives, there is a chance Boyd can strong-arm him into recanting. Paxton doesn’t suspect that Mara is going to double-cross him by warning Boyd. Mara puts the moves on Boyd (kind of), but I have the feelling that she’s just playing him. She acts like she is naïve, but I think she’s much more savvy than she lets on.

Wynn Duffy and Boyd corner their local pusher to see if he knows how the drug shipment got hijacked. Cyrus eventually admits that he mentioned the timing of the shipment to a junky named Candy. She becomes Boyd’s suspect numero uno. And who does she lead them to? Cousin Johnny of course! That’s going to get interesting.

Meanwhile, Dewey is super unhappy with all the Florida Crowes perched in his WT haven. But, he soon learns that there may be an upside to his new houseguests. Daryl discovers that Messer has been stealing from Dewey. Florida Crowes deal harshly with thieves and Daryl gives Dewey a gun and tells him to kill Messer. I would normally think that Dewey doesn’t have it in him, but he’s also so spineless that I can see him driven to murder by his bullying cousin.

I was confused by the whole Monroe’s gold bars storyline. The scene where Monroe nearly strangled his girlfriend was disturbing. Monroe ended up taking a bullet to the gut and lost his gold, so the point of that was…? I’m not quite sure.

I’m most excited about the preview for next week. It looks like we finally get some Boyd/Raylan quality time. I love their banter; it’s the best part of the show.

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