Teen Wolf Season 3B Chat – Wish List for the Second Half

At long last, Teen Wolf is back! In the first two episodes of the second half of this season, we’ve met some new characters, found some familiar faces in peculiar places and seen three of our favorite characters display some disconcerting side effects of their brush with death. Here’s my wish list for the second half of this season . . .


When Peter managed to make his way back to Beacon Hills from the dead, I was elated for obvious reasons – Ian Bohen is easy on the eyes. In his portrayal as season one’s Big Bad Wolf, Bohen proved to be a standout performer in a limited number of episodes. Nothing compares to Peter Hale snark.

In bringing back Peter from the dead, the writers have strongly hinted towards a connection with Lydia – or at least an understanding of what she is and how her supernatural talents work. We’ve also learned more about Peter Hale as a person – a manipulator who on more than one occasion has taken advantage of his nephew’s trust and naivete. With all this setup, I’m ready for a return on the investment in this character over three and a half seasons. Surely Peter has a purpose that goes beyond cynicism and sass.


Speaking of Lydia, I want to know more about what it means to be a banshee. I hope that Lydia’s “origin story” does not get lost amidst the increasing number of supernatural beings being summoned to Beacon Hills by the nemeton. We’ve gotten a better grasp on what Lydia does – sort of – but I want to know how one becomes a banshee. And what exactly has Peter known about Lydia from the time he attacked her on the lacrosse field in season 1?


When we last saw the mysterious girl that saved Isaac from the twins, she was on the receiving end of what appeared to be a fatal blow from the Demon Wolf. Like many other fans, I assumed Braeden was dead. We got a little more insight into Braeden towards the end of 3A when we learned that she was hired by Morrell to save Isaac.

Much to my shock and delight, Braeden lives and is still in the supernatural contracting business. Now that she’s back, I want to know everything about her! What is her connection to Beacon Hills? How did she go from nearly being killed by the Demon Wolf to working for him? Why did Morrell hire her? What was Morrell’s interest in saving Isaac? It’s good to see Braeden is still alive and I look forward to learning more about her.

. . . and how exactly does one become and independent contractor for the supernatural? Asking for a friend.


The prominent placement of Stiles in the promotional materials for 3B worries me a bit. It feels ominous. I fear that we’re either in for one hell of a cliffhanger at the end of this season or the major death Jeff Davis has been teasing about could be our beloved wielder of sarcasm and wit. Of course, this is Teen Wolf where the dead don’t appear to stay dead – unless you’re Erica and Boyd. However, as the lone human in Scott’s pack, I want Stiles around until the very end. Fingers crossed!


What are your wishes for the second half of this season, Teen Wolf fans? Sound off below!