New ‘Californication’ Season 7 and ‘Nurse Jackie’ Season 6 Teasers Make Being Bad Look Fun

Hank can’t keep his hands to himself and Jackie is back on drugs– being good is so overrated on Showtime’s Californication and Nurse Jackie. Two new teasers shed light on the series’ respective protagonists bad behavior as Californication heads into its seventh and final season, and Nurse Jackie gears up for season six.

Hank claims to be looking for a happy ending, but he is still the same playboy he was when the series began. Meanwhile, after staying clean for a while, Jackie is back on drugs and once again leading a double life. Do you think either of these characters will ever get their lives together? Check out the teasers below.

Californication and Nurse Jackie‘s new seasons begin Sunday, April 13th at 9PM on Showtime.