NCIS Season 11 Review “Double Back” – McGee Suffers in Silence

Double Back

In this episode of NCIS, called “Double Back,” the team continues the hunt for Parsa while McGee struggles to make sense of what happened to Delilah in the attack.

Thanks to being at a media event last week, I didn’t get to see this episode until a week after it aired. The interesting thing is that I heard spoilers about the episode in regards to McGee’s storyline and yet, because of the way they worked his story into the episode, I still found it surprising. I kept waiting to hear that Delilah had been paralyzed because I knew it was coming, but it didn’t occur to me that McGee had been holding that information to himself. It broke my heart to think that he kept that inside and didn’t let any of his friends help him deal with the pain and yet I also understood why he needed some time to deal.

Gibbs proved once again how wonderfully talented he is at giving his people exactly what they need at the right time. I know that Abby will certainly give McGee one of her world-famous hugs when she finds out the news and, judging by what happened in this episode, Tony will probably make him a lasagna or something. But what McGee needed from Gibbs was exactly what he got: An ear to listen and just the right amount of pushing to get him to do what needed to be done. Delilah is going to need a lot of help and I have no doubt that McGee will be there to provide it. He just needed a little time to adjust. The entire story played out beautifully and, in my opinion, realistically.

I really liked seeing Cranston back again and especially enjoyed what she told Bishop about sitting at the desk that once belonged to Kate and Ziva. Bishop is still finding her way and learning Gibbs’ little habits and quirks, but it was nice to see that she might actually be influencing the guys herself. Case in point: Tony trying to fold himself in an uncomfortable position on top of a desk. It looks like she has more of an influence on her team than she thinks she does. Though I kind of doubt we’ll see Gibbs walking into the office eating cheese puffs or climbing onto his own desk anytime soon.

My favorite bits:

Delilah asking straight off if anyone was killed in the attack.

Tony remarking that he wanted to “help the little man” but didn’t know how.

Bishop claiming that cheese puffs were the perfect food for doing her thing. Odd, but also strangely appropriate based on what we know about her so far.

“I knew this day would come. Did you just hear about a body telepathically?” – OMG Tony is right, that is SO going to happen some day.

“Seriously? How did you get that?”
“It’s like Gorillas in the Mist. You’ll come to understand his grunts.”

Tony saying that he wanted to make McGee a casserole. Aw.

The look on McGee’s face when he got the text from Tony asking about random food.

Dr. Cranston offering to stay with McGee. Interesting that he told everyone to stay away.

“So, you mean that flip phone is by choice?”

Oh boy, a woman who compares Tony to Robert Redford and gets all of his movie references? This should be interesting.

Gibbs and Ducky talking about McGee. Happy to hear that Gibbs had already called him.

Abby talking back to Parsa’s note on the windshield. Gee, I wonder what she was going to ask him to kiss?

Abbs calling McGee “McHuggable.” – Best. McNickname. Ever.

Really, really wanting to see Abby’s hospital-friendly way of entertaining patients with a hula hoop and a glass of water.

Gibbs not letting McGee get away with skipping out on his fitness eval.

“In cast you hadn’t heard, that’s a really good desk.”

“I think both women who sat there would say the same thing: When it comes to growing, there’s no better place for a desk, than these three.” – NCIS, why you make me cry?

Tony and Martinez both saying that they each reminded the other of someone annoying. Ha!

Cranston not accepting McGee’s “perfect” answers.

Tony’s obvious joy at seeing McGee back.

Bishop’s ears perking up when she heard “pork chops.” Dang it, now I kind of want pork chops, too.

Gibbs ordering McGee to take it easy.

New Rule! #62, Always Give People Space When They Get Off the Elevator. I like this one a lot.

Gibbs asking Tony if Bishop was rubbing off on him. Ha! I was totally thinking the same thing.

Gibbs finding out what really happened to Delilah. My heart broke when Cranston said McGee had been “inconsolable” when he got the news.

“You’re more important than the job, Tim.” – Heart. Breaking. Ouch.

Gibbs offering to go back to the hospital when McGee said he didn’t know how to talk to Delilah.

“Tim, just talk. Just tell her the truth.”

McGee finally finding the words to say to Delilah.

McGee asking Gibbs to sit with him…. and here come the tears.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

  • richie68

    when did McGee get to serious about Delilah? get rid of bishop…it is getting harder and harder for me to watch and I actually have skipped a couple of shows. please save ncis….it was one of my favorite shows.

  • heiresschild

    I actually luv Bishop and think she’s the perfect addition to NCIS to take Ziva’ s place. No one is like Ziva but no one is like Bishop. Bishop is Bishop and is holding her own. I was not home on most Tuesdays and am doing an NCIS marathon today from my DVR to take me into the current episode of season 12.