Lost Girl Season 4 Review “Sleeping Beauty School”

  • Lost Girl

    I hate to say it, but this week’s Lost Girl was a bit of a snooze fest. I get that they need to pick up the pieces, track down Bo, and get the gang back in one place. But, let’s not draw this out too much. Bo is the central figure, so it’s time to get her back into the thick of things.

    Most of the episode involved Dyson and Hale tooling around trying to figure out to where Bo had disappeared. They get a big help from Kenzi and annoying, pint-sized Tamsin, who discover the Wanderer tarot card. The card ignites when Tamsin touches it and almost burns to a crisp, but is miraculously only singed when it comes time for Hale and Dyson to use it. It turns out the card is a mystical ticket that will let Dyson jump onto the steampunkish Death Train. How does Dyson figure this out? With the help of Cleo, an Elemental fae, Dyson is able to hop on board the train that travels between dimensions.

    Cleo is played by Mia Kirshner, who most recently appeared on Syfy’s Defiance. I’m on the fence about her character. While it is helpful to have someone come in and mix things up, there’s something about Cleo that is not endearing. Her allegiances are clearly fluid, but that’s nothing new. If Dyson doesn’t view her assistance with a healthy dose of skepticism, then he’s losing his touch. For Kirshner, I’m getting too much of the Defiance vibe. I guess what I’m looking for her is more flamboyance. Lost Girl is filled with big, over-the-top personalities like Kenzi, Vex, Trick, and the Morrigan. Maybe it’s just that the blahness of the episode is permeating my view of her performance.

    An interesting interlude does occur between Hale and Kenzi. Hale finally tells her that he “likes” her. I approved that this wasn’t some declaration of love. He’s expressing interest and there will be less pressure to see where it goes. Kenzi enthusiastically reciprocated, though it’s not clear if other forces were helping to lower her inhibitions.

    Then we got back to drab Lauren in her drab little diner, getting hit on by a coworker. Let’s just stop and admit that the wig is horrible. I have a hard time believing that the attractive coworker would be able to see past Lauren’s reticence, twitchiness, and ragged appearance. Which leads me to believe that maybe this person isn’t who she claims and knows more about Lauren than she’s letting on. She didn’t seem all that shocked with Lauren cut open the throat of the choking fae and pried food from the alien living in his trachea. Ew.

    We can’t total forget Bo, though she seems to have forgotten her past. She’s stuck on the train for some unknown reason, with only a cryptic Victorian inspired maid to clue her in on what’s going on. There is an unseen man who gets mad when Bo asks too many questions, and we can only assume this is Bo’s father. I think we’ve earned a glance at the old man. At the end, she figures out how to leap from the train into a black abyss, which is unfortunate considering that Dyson just boarded the train.

    Hopefully, next week our group will find Bo. It’s time to get the party started and we can’t do that when the team is scattered to the wind.

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