Stylin’ With Grimm

Monroe, Sean, Nick, Juliette, Rosalee, Hank - Grimm

Greetings fellow Grimmsters! Here we are, 3 episodes into the second half of season 3, and my thoughts have turned to… why clothes of course! I think that I have identified some interesting trends in fashion with Grimm leading the way. See if you agree!


Adalind, Monroe, Juliette - Grimm

So, how many of you wear aprons? I have a few in my linen closet, and my husband has one or two grilling aprons, but the last time one saw the light of day was, well, when my daughter needed an apron for a costume. Of course, this is not to say I am a neat cook, but it is much more common to see them in 50’s sitcoms.

Well, not any more, my friends! Yes, thanks to Grimm, you can now be stylish when creating that magic potion in your kitchen. I mean, look at the sweet number Adalind wears; I guess to keep the blood she used as an ingredient off her nice clothes? And Monroe, fashion plate that he is really brings new meaning to cooking with style in that little number he is wearing. Not to be left out, even Juliette gets into the fray, looking very sexy in her apron!

Dressing Up

Sean, Adalind, Juliette, Nick, Hank, Wu - Grimm

There is something extremely alluring about dressed up men and women, and Grimm is right there taking the lead again. Captain Renard is always stylishly appointed, looking like he just stepped off the cover of a magazine! The rest of the guys do not dress up as often, but do clean up very well indeed!

And, let’s not forget the ladies! Adalind looks very sexy in her sleek black dress, and Juliette is very much in the holiday spirit in her red frock!


Monroe, Rosalee, Wu, Hank - Grimm

Is it even possible to get to much plaid? I mean, seriously, considering the permutations of color and design, the possibilities are infinite. But, I think Grimm is trying to see if they can use them all during the run of the show. Plaids abound, mostly worn by Monroe, but others, including certain guest stars have been seen in the colorful designs!

In addition, when Wu gets some down time, he slips into something plaid to go have a drink at the local watering hole. And, clearly Monroe’s influence can be seen in Rosalee’s fashion choices! And when Hank is not wearing his other delightful outfits in the squad room, he likes to show off his plaid side too.


Rosalee, Monroe, Adalind, Nick - Grimm

I have never been to Portland, but from what I have read, the winters are wet and chilly. No wonder then that sweaters are de rigueur! As usual, Monroe leads the way, with his numerous and highly fashionable sweaters.

Rosalee is also no slouch, with not only sweaters but sweater coats. Is this another instance of Monroe influencing her fashion choices? Some of the sweaters also look related… like they are meant to be worn together since their patterns are similar. His and hers sweaters, anyone? Add in Adalind who seems to favor turtlenecks, and they are all looking so fashionable!


Juliette, Nick, Monroe - Grimm

Ah, vests! Sweater vests, suit vests, dressy vests, outerwear vests – so many varieties! It is hard to believe that something so simple can add so much to your wardrobe.

Once again we have Monroe leading the charge with this style. When he is not wearing a sweater, he is likely to be wearing a vest. Sometimes he wears both! Not to be left out, Juliette is cozy in her outerwear vest.

Crime Scene and Autopsy Chic

Sean, Hank, Nick, Wu - Grimm

It is very important to look good when you arrive at the crime scene, and our heroes have that down. Their variety of jeans, shirts, hoodies, and jackets, which they wisely mix and match to get all the extra mileage out of their outfits work well as they work the crime scene.

Of course, they also need to be ready for those trips to autopsy. Maybe the corpses don’t care how you look, but you never know who you will run into in the autopsy room so it is important to be at the top of your game.


Monroe, Wu, Juliette - Grimm

We all need downtime, and I imagine that people in a high stress job like, say, police detective, or Grimm, or dare I say, both, probably need a little more than the rest of us. And, then there are the people who help our intrepid Grimm – they need downtime too!

Check out Monroe and his plaid pajama bottoms – very suave, and Wu with his plaid robe! Then there is Juliette who really rocks the hospital gown!

Ace Bandages

Nick and Hank - Grimm

Being a Grimm is a dangerous line of work. You have to expect scrapes and other injuries along the way. But, you can still be stylish if you know how to wear your ace bandages properly.

Yes, these are going to be construed as gratuitous shots but I am focusing on the ace bandages, really! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

The Trifecta!

Monroe - Grimm

And as a grand finale, I present the picture above. We have Monroe sporting: 1) a plaid shirt, 2) a sweater, and finishing the ensemble, 3) a bowtie! Now, if that is not perfection, what is?


So, what do you think of this little analysis of fashion trends on Grimm? Do you have anything to add, or thoughts on what I pointed out? If so, please tell me in the comment section below!