‘Revenge’ (Season 3): Hatred Can Go a Long Way


Last night’s episode of Revenge was the last one before the Olympics takes over the primetime schedule (even though the Games are on NBC) or to be more specific until March 9; and what was the one thing that viewers took away from that episode? Hatred can go a long way with all of these crazy Hamptonites.

Obviously Daniel (series regular Josh Bowman) and Victoria (series lead Madeleine Stowe) hate Emily and want nothing more than for her to leave the Grayson mansion. Niko (new recurring guest star Stephanie Jacobsen) hates the killer of her beloved father, if only she knew it was rekindled lover Aiden (series regular Barry Sloane) who was the cause. Conrad (series regular Henry Czerny) hates his own son Daniel so much so that he forces his progeny out of the magazine publishing business. Nolan (series regular) hates Patrick (recurring guest star Justin Hartley) for the knock-out the latter delivered to him in order to steal the fake infinity box belonging to Emily (series lead Emily VanCamp). And Emily, well, she still hates nearly everyone in the Hamptons and will continue to stop at nothing to get her revenge.

But the one person who has every reason to be filled with hate – that would be Jack (series regular Nick Wechsler) by the way – especially given everything that has happened to him since Emily Thorne came to the Hamptons – seems intent on moving on with his life. And, his plan is to find a house where he can settle down with son Carl and new girlfriend Margaux (new recurring guest star – and recently announced promoted series regular for next season – Karine Vanasse). Does any other fan of ‘Revenge’ have a problem with this new possible scenario?

Don’t get me wrong I really like Jack and always have. Viewers are supposed to like Jack because he is the “good” guy in the series. But ever since they paired him up with Margaux I just haven’t bought into their romance. The chemistry just isn’t there even though both of them expressed their love for each other in last night’s episode. Am I the only one not feeling this?

Granted I don’t see Jack ever getting back with Emily – even though my dream ending is the two of them going off into the sunset together (yes, I’m one of those closet romantics that envision that type of ending) – but Jack and Margaux just don’t have “it” – that special sizzle that fans can feel through their TV screens. As much as the writers try to write it and the actors try to portray it, I just don’t feel any kind of love between the two of them. Does any other fan feel the same way about Jack and Margaux?

Perhaps the powers that be behind ‘Revenge’ have a grand scheme in mind, but right now I’m starting to feel a little bit of my own hatred toward the “forced-upon us” romance of these two characters; and I certainly hope I’m not alone.

‘Revenge’ will be back for the rest of its third season on ABC on Sunday, March 9 in its new timeslot of 10/9c.