‘Legit’ Season 2 and ‘Ali G: Rezurection’ Premiere Dates Announced by FXX


FXX will roll out the premiere of both Legit and Ali G: Rezurection, in the same night on Jan. 26 in a back to back premiere beginning at 10 PM EST. The second season of ‘Legit’ with Jim Jefferies will follow the comedian as he tries to solve the mystery behind his failing love life and whether he is a sex addict. On top of his personal challenges, Jefferies will also deal with a string of unwanted house guests that include his parents and his roommates’ dad, Walter (John Ratzenberger). Meanwhile, Jim’s roommate Billy (DJ Qualls) will deal with problems of his after beginning new medications for muscular dystrophy along with an unconventional romantic relationship.

The American version of ‘Ali G: Rezurection’ with Sasha Baron Cohen will feature every episode of Da Ali G Show with new and original introductions. FXX will air never before seen episodes of ‘The Da Ali G Show’ and ‘The Best of Ali G’. The ‘Da Ali G Show’ first debuted on Channel 4 in the U.K. back in 2003. The series character Ali G. was first created by Baron Cohen on Channel 4’s ‘The 11 O’clock Show’ before Cohen landed his own spin-off series. ‘The Da Ali G Show’.