Girls Season 3 Review “She Said OK”

Girls Season 3 Episode 3 She Said OK 7

This week’s episode of Girls, ‘She Said OK’, continued the very welcome character development for Adam with the introduction of his extremely volatile sister, Caroline. Despite assurances from Hannah (who’s only just met her) that she’s harmless, Adam’s ominous predictions about her time staying with them turn out to be true when she ends up flipping out after Hannah’s 25th birthday party. Now we know why Adam was so quick to rescue to Hannah from her “period of mental illness” last season.

As predicted (and hoped for), this episode found a way to get the core cast all together again – this time for the aforementioned birthday party. Though Jessa and Shoshana were left kind of in the background this week, Marnie got a chance to reprise her cringe-worthy stage performance from last year with a rendition of Rent’s ‘Take Me or Leave Me’ with Hannah. Marnie seems to be the character we laugh at this year, while we judge Shoshana for indulging her shallow side and feel sorry for Jessa following her cry for help – a significant switch around from previous years. If anything, Hannah has become the sensible one!

And that’s good, because she was starting to become almost unwatchable. The central character of a show like Girls has to be likeable – the central point of calm in the middle of chaos – and it’s great that Hannah and Adam have kind of become this. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still entertainingly ridiculous people unable to function in the real world, but it’s just that everyone else is worse right now. Ray, especially, is on a downward spiral after his breakup with Shoshana, and their awkward conversation outside of the party just illustrated how hard he has taken it. At least he pretty much has his own business now, paving the way for an eventual reunion when Shoshana’s current phase is over.

Another entertaining half-hour of the show, then, and one that has introduced another sort of girl for us to watch with Caroline. What did you think of the episode? Do you like Hannah more or less this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.