Bitten (Syfy) Interviews: Star Greyston Holt and Executive Producer JB Sugar Preview The Season Ahead

Bitten Series Premiere Summons (6)

Did everyone see the series premiere of Syfy’s new werewolf drama Bitten last Monday?

If you did, then chances are you can’t wait to find out what happens next. TV Equals has you covered; we recently joined a conference call with one of the series’ stars Greyston Holt, who plays integral pack member Clayton Danvers, and executive producer JB Sugar. The duo shared lots of interesting scoop on Clayton’s complicated history with Elena, what’s ahead for the pack and more. Check out the highlights below and then tune in to Syfy tonight, Monday, January 20th at 10/9c for episode two of Bitten.

What Drives Clayton?

Clayton didn’t have a huge presence in episode one, but as the werewolf with the most complex history with Elena, the character will become hugely important moving forward. When asked to explain what Clayton is all about, Holt revealed the character is dealing with a lot of “inner turmoil” and there is tension between Clayton and the Alpha pack leader, Jeremy. Holt likened their relationship to brothers who love one another, but who don’t exactly see eye to eye. When prompted to break out what Sugar calls Holt’s “classic line” about Clayton, Holt said: “He’s not a bad person. He just does bad things to bad people.”

“I mean it’s – it really is this inner conflict between my loyalty towards Jeremy and my love for Elena,” Holt noted. “And, you know, that comes to the forefront as the series progresses.”

On Clayton And Elena

Just in case you haven’t worked out Clayton and Elena’s backstory or you haven’t read the books by Kelley Armstrong avert your eyes now.

Although it hasn’t been stated explicitly onscreen yet, Clayton is responsible for turning Elena into a werewolf. “I bit her for reasons that, you know, you will find out as the season progresses,” Holt revealed. “They were good reasons and I have good intentions.” What those intentions were exactly will continue to unravel as the series goes along, as will the reasons behind Clayton’s persistence to get Elena to stay with the pack.

Clayton and Elena’s connection is especially strong when they’re wolves. The pair often communicate with their eyes while in wolf form, a gesture that alludes to their past and their strong bond.

The Series Won’t Be All Stonehaven, All The Time

While Armstrong’s books spend only a brief amount of time on Elena’s “normal” life in Toronto, Sugar assured us that Elena will contiue to feel pulled between two families: her pack and Patrick’s (her human boyfriend) family. The premiere introduced Elena’s best friend and Patrick’s sister, Diane, who will continue to appear throughout the season. Her presence should break up some of the boy’s club mentality of the pack and give Elena someone grounded in the real world to connect with.

“We really worked hard to develop that world so we can really highlight this push and pull that Elena undergoes throughout the first season,” Sugar said. “Despite her love and affection for Clayton, she also has this desire for normalcy.”

Sugar also said while the early episodes will be largely set in Stonehaven, around episode six, Toronto will become a big part of the storyline again.

On How The Books Are Building Blocks

Author Kelley Armstrong gave the writers of the series her blessing to make her story and characters their own. As a result, Bitten won’t follow the novels exactly. Instead, Sugar said they often mine the books to spread “easter eggs” throughout the series for hardcore fans and to give the writers a better sense of the overarching mythology and backstories for the characters. “Kelley was always at the forefront of our minds,” Sugar said.

The ultimate goal for the writers was to find the right balance between satisfying the existing fanbase and making the show accessible to new fans.

The Scenes Fans Should Be Looking Forward To Seeing

Without giving too much away, Sugar alluded to a big scene in episode five that should have fans talking. The fifth episode is apparently big on delving into the character’s “origin stories and histories.”

“One of my favorite scenes is the scene that actually takes us to the moment where Elena is bitten into the pack and the circumstances that led to it,” Sugar continued. “The performances are just fantastic and that whole episode. And it features some of the best and most effective CGI shots we’ve built. And you get to really see Clay in his full wolf form. And it’s just beautiful.”

Holt also referenced the upcoming flashbacks as some of his favorite moments in season one, as well as a meeting with a certain someone close to Elena…

Bitten Episode 2 Prodigal (6)

Remember, Bitten episode two “Prodigal,” airs tonight, Monday, January 20th at 10/9c on Syfy.

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