Bitten Season 1 Review “Prodigal”

Bitten Episode 2 Prodigal (2)

This week’s episode of Bitten was exactly what it needed to be, if not much else. With the pilot episode focusing almost completely on Elena, “Prodigal” spent the majority of its time fleshing out the other members of her pack as she arrived in Stonehaven. Though these characters could still use plenty of development going forward, this episode was certainly a step in the right direction.

Now, while this episode did give us more details on the pack members, it was mostly surface-level stuff. We’ve got Jeremy as the leader and father figure, Nick as the lovable goof and Logan as Elena’s closest friend in the pack, something we saw last week. Of course, Bitten being the type of show it is, there was also Clay, Elena’s ex-boyfriend that she claims to hate yet has steamy sex dreams about. At the start of the episode, we get to see a flashback to when Clay first brought Elena to the manor, presumably before she was turned into a werewolf. It’ll be interesting to see exactly who and what led to her being bitten and turned somewhere down the line.

Though it was a bit heavy-handed, I liked Elena’s scene in the basement discussing the pros and cons of the pack system. It started off pretty cheesy, with the over-the-top narration as Elena read the scrolls. However, once she began talking with her former teacher, it was clear to see both Elena’s side and the side of someone who believed in Jeremy’s leadership. Yes, Jeremy and the pack offer a sense of safety and belonging, but murder and bloodlust also come with the territory.

As far as the search of the mutt went, there wasn’t much forward movement. Elena did discover that the culprit was a recently-turned werewolf, but there was little else to go on by the time another body was discovered on the Danvers property. That said, the investigation did have some funny scenes, particularly the group’s improvised clothing after they turned back into humans.

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