Revenge Season 3 Review “Hatred”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 13 Hatred (7)

Given this show’s focus on vengeance and anger, I was surprised to see it took until season 3 for Revenge to go with “Hatred” as an episode title. That said, this episode certainly lived up to the name, with just about everyone attacking the target of their spite in cruel ways. This also made “Hatred” an episode that was a lot of fun to behold.

I’m going to start with the bad this week, as there was really only one storyline that didn’t work for me. I’m officially over Patrick at this point. Though he started the season with a lot of potential as a new force of destruction, he’s devolved into little more than a prop, one that flips from hating Victoria to sympathizing with her multiple times in a single episode. Now, I did like the scene they shared where Victoria told him the truth about her father, but that was more about fleshing her out further than Patrick.

A character that worked better for me this week was Nico, if only because of the humor that came from Nolan’s frustrations with his unwanted roommates. Admittedly, she’s yet to be defined beyond “obsessed with revenge,” but watching her cut up fruit before learning that she was practicing removing skin from flesh was effectively creepy. Given her discovery at the end of the episode, she’ll hopefully become the destructive force I hoped Patrick would be.

Speaking of vengeful behavior, the Graysons are really going for the body blows now, aren’t they? Daniel decided to drop the charade and began flaunting his affair with Sarah right in front of Emily. Not to be outdone, Emily called Sarah’s mom and turned the poor girl’s family against her. Throw in some unjustly-fired members of the service staff, and there was a lot of collateral damage this week. Seriously, things between them are reaching War of the Roses level. On top of all that, Daniel also got screwed over by Conrad, losing his shares in Margaux’s magazine. Conrad may have gotten a little more than that from Emily, as well…

It’s worth noting that Emily is losing time as a result of her injuries. I was glad to see that there’s some fallout from the accident, as her initial amnesia was more short-lived than I would’ve liked. That said, blackouts are certainly less cliché than amnesia, so I’m interested to see where this arc goes.

Lastly, given all of the hatred the characters were indulging in, I’ve got to throw some ABC’s way for that preview of the next episode. Who in the ad department thought coining the work “revengenda” was a good idea? Step it up a level, guys.

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