The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “Hungry Like the Wolf”

Hungry Like the Wolf

Rather than dealing with the fallout of Bennet and Walt’s breakup by following Walt back to his parents house, this week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries, ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’, opted to explore the other side of the crisis. Singed from his breakup, as well as the death of his ex-boyfriend and general trauma of the past few weeks, Bennet has dropped the ball at Interview and, against her initial instincts, Carrie is there to pick it up. Does this make her a bad person? That’s the question Carrie’s asking herself.

A killer instinct is indeed very useful in the journalism industry, and it’s completely understandable that, as young as she is, Carrie would go down this road early on. Ambition is scary when you don’t know how to go about achieving your dreams, and that doesn’t necessarily make Carrie the ruthless Manhattan-ite that she’s classing herself as – the hawk, rather than the pigeon. But this is an interesting way for us to go with the character, and I’m intrigued to see how this Carrie Bradshaw will turn into the woman we watched for years on Sex and the City.

The theme of ambition vs. entitlement ran through the entire episode (or, at least, the bits of the episode I cared about), extending to yet another crisis for Sebastian to deal with from his father. Having lost his money on a bad investment, he comes to Sebastian to ask for the use of his trust fund and, initially freaked out by the prospect of not being able to live off the family bank account, Sebastian opts to sign the money over in the end. I love how much this character has grown since we were introduced to him as the bad boy next door, and his decision to put family over his own financial comfort really topped it off nicely.

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