Grimm Season 3 Review “The Good Soldier”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 11 The Good Soldier (3)

This week’s Grimm gave more face time to Monroe and Rosalee, which is long overdue, but still leaves me wondering – what’s up with Nick? He did his same old routine of telling a Wesen that he’s a Grimm and then arresting the bad guy. Come on! Let’s give Nick a more pivotal role and push him back to the center of the Grimmverse.

Monroe has been pretty much sidelined in recent episodes. He tinkers with his clocks, points the team in the direction of a Wesen, and that’s about it. It was nice that this week he finally had a more substantial story when he agreed to accompany Rosalee to her family’s house. Rosalee and her sister had a tense reunion that revealed both of them to be carrying around a lot of pain. They had a breakthrough when Rosalee admitted she’d missed their dad’s funeral because she was in jail. While Monroe’s job was mostly to provide emotional support to Rosalee, he also squeezed out a couple of funny moments, such as eyeballing the steak and facing down Rosalee’s protective sister.

Meanwhile, we got glimpses of Adalind in Austria and see that trouble’s a-brewing with demon baby. While having dinner, Adalind is able to pull a coffee cup into her hand like the Death Star’s tractor beam and explodes every light in the restaurant. All the while, Renard’s man is keeping an eye on her. Renard should really look into the quality of his help, though. Adalind couldn’t help but notice the man sitting at the bar staring at her. Not too subtle. It looks like demon baby is finally growing, and Renard says Adalind is getting her powers back so hopefully we’ll be getting some serious royal family drama soon.

Then there’s Nick and Hank. What a big snoozefest these two were this week. They have to track down a Wesen that is leaving holes in the chests of former Iraq soldiers. The holes have scorpion venom in them, which seems rather redundant considering the size of the holes, which leads them to the trailer for some Wesen research. They figure out the attacker is a Manticore – which looks like some weird combo of a lion and scorpion. The Manticore is seeking revenge for the rape of a female soldier whose been tooling around Portland, stalking her attackers, and cutting herself. The big twist is there are actually two Manticore. Was there a big showdown between Nick and the Wesen? Nope. One killed the other and Nick arrested him.

We need a return to more Nick-centric storylines. Bring back his mother. Send him to Austria to finally meet the royals. Do something with him that makes him worthy of having his own show. They are spending so much time on the Wesen of the week that we’re losing what makes being a Grimm special. And as much as I like Hank, the two of them together are borrrring. At least with Monroe, there’s some legit comic banter.

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