Flowers in the Attic (Lifetime) Starring Heather Graham & Ellen Burstyn [TV MOVIE]

The upcoming TV Movie Flowers in the Attic premieres Saturday January 18 (8pm ET/PT) on Lifetime and stars Heather Graham & Ellen Burstyn.

Flowers in the Attic Synopsis: Flowers in the Attic weaves the twisted story of the Dollanganger kids who, after the unexpected death of their father, are convinced by their mother Corrine to stay hidden in the attic of their wealthy grandparents’ mansion so she can reclaim the family fortune.

But as her visits begin to wane after she becomes involved with a new husband, the children endure unimaginable treatment at the hands of their ruthless grandmother Olivia Foxworth. As years go by and the eldest children Cathy and Christopher come of age, both emotionally and physically, their family’s sordid past entraps them further as they look to each other for comfort.

Starring Heather Graham, Academy Award®, Golden Globe® and Emmy® Award-winner Ellen Burstyn, Kiernan Shipka, Mason Dye and Dylan Bruce.

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