Parenthood Season 5 “Jump Ball” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 12 Stay a Little Longer (1)
The tears, the angst and the occasional moments of levity continued on last night’s episode of Parenthood.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but Ray Romano is so great on this show – when his character Hank is not paired up with Sarah. This is no fault of the actors, I’m just not sure what Sarah’s purpose is this season and rehashing any feelings between she and Hank never feels like a good use of time.

Although it was heartbreaking to see Hank not get a definitive answer as to whether or not he has Asperger’s Syndrome, I loved the moments that led up to his conversation with Max’s doctor. I also loved the exchange between Adam and Kristina as they pondered whether or not Hank and Max shared more than a passion for photography. I can appreciate them looking at Hank as a sign of hope for Max as he gets older, particularly after Max lost his only (young) friend last week.

The post-election storyline for Adam and Kristina has been such a welcome change for the couple. As much as I love Hank and Max together, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Hank and Adam.

Mae Whitman is so good at being devastated, angry and sad, that I think the Parenthood writers enjoy making her character Amber experience heartbreak. Whitman’s performance was so great last night, but I really, really want Amber to just be happy.

And now for the Braverman’s who almost became a victim to my fast-forward button last night. Seriously, how did we survive so long with DVRs?

Camille returned from her whirlwind trip to Italy with a new zest for life and a new hairdo. Well, Camille has physically returned, but her mind is elsewhere. After the couple’s awkward dinner conversation, I was left wondering if Camille is punishing Zeek for not selling the house. This storyline is feeling a bit repetitive of the rift between Zeek and Camille earlier in the series. Losing his wife will crush Zeek, but I want this couple to figure out what they want and either stay together or move on.

Speaking of couples that need to figure things out, I’m getting tired of Joel and Julia. It looks like we’ll get more of the couple next week, but I wouldn’t mind an episode or two with them on the back burner.

I have two wishes for Drew – (1) that he’d get a hair cut (I’m officially embracing my old age with that comment) and (2) that he’d transfer to Cornell with Haddie so we’d never have to see him again.

Parenthood is always engaging, but I certainly wouldn’t count last night’s episode as one of my favorites. My Joel/Julia fatigue and the increased presence of Drew took away from the great moments with Hank and Adam as well as Amber and Seth. What did you think, fellow Parenthood fans? Sound off below!