The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “The Citadel”

This episode of The Tomorrow People picked up right where the winter finale left off. Stephen was clinically dead and hanging out in limbo talking to his dad. Roger told Stephen that in order to bring him back, he had to find his body. He sent Stephen back to the land of the living, and he told the rest of the Apple Dumpling Gang what Roger had said. John and Russell were willing to give it a shot, but Cara dismissed what Stephen said as nothing more than wishful thinking. That was the first thing that bugged me about Cara, but more on that later. Shortly thereafter, John decided to come clean with the rest of the group about him killing Roger. Cara told him that wasn’t going to go so well, and that’s about the only thing she was right about. After John told them the truth, they decided to vote him out as leader. They elected Cara to take the reigns. Worst. Idea. Ever.

One of the first things Cara did as leader was tell Stephen that they weren’t going to help him try to bring Roger back. Cara told Stephen that she didn’t see any memories of him and Roger in limbo when she looked in his mind. She also said that she knew that John had killed Roger, and it wasn’t fair to give everyone else false hope. Way to keep an open mind there, Cara. While Cara was busy shooting down Stephen’s hopes of rescuing his dad, Jedikiah was tracking an escapee from one of Ultra’s “sister facilities.”

Errol and some other tomorrow people were being held captive in a research facility that Ultra called The Citadel. It wasn’t so much a research facility as it was a prison where Ultra housed tomorrow people and used them as lab rats. Errol broke out of The Citadel and went looking for his wife, which is what got him on Ultra’s radar. Stephen and another Ultra agent went to apprehend him, but he was too strong for them. After Stephen told Cara and the others about Errol, Cara decided that they would break into the facility and rescue all the tomorrow people trapped there. Stephen, Russell and John weren’t necessarily thrilled with that plan, but they agreed that it was the first and best opportunity they had to find The Citadel and save a whole bunch of innocent people. Stephen helped Cara and the others rescue Errol from Ultra, and Errol let Cara look into his memories to figure out where The Citadel is located. They found it, but Jedikiah was a step ahead of them. He figured that they were using Errol to find The Citadel and release the other victims, so he sent an Ultra team after them. Cara and her team were ambushed trying to save the others, and Errol sacrificed himself so Cara could get a young girl named Charlotte out. In the end, if it weren’t for John, Cara and her team would be dead.

There were so many things that bugged me about Cara in this episode that I don’t really know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with her refusal to believe Stephen. I don’t get why she’s so against the idea that Stephen spoke to Roger in limbo. Yes, John shot Roger, but they all saw the tape on which Roger says that if you freeze time just before you die, you can get to limbo. Not only that, Stephen just did it. I know she didn’t actually see limbo, but she shouldn’t have to see it to believe Stephen. The last time Stephen saw Roger in limbo, Roger told him to find Thanatos and that was a real person. Even this time when Roger told Stephen to go find Silas, that was a real person. Why is this instance any different from either of those? Why is Cara all of a sudden convinced that Stephen is imagining all this?

Now let’s talk about Cara’s attitude toward John. Cara has been ticked off at John ever since she found out that he can kill. It was compounded when he finally admitted to her that, on Jedikiah’s orders, he killed Roger. I will concede that Cara has a right to be upset about John lying about Roger being alive. Roger meant a lot to Cara, but he was also their only hope as far as she is concerned. She’s angry at John for taking that hope away. I get that. But her all around attitude toward him has been catty and mean ever since she slept with Stephen. It’s as if she’s blaming him for her decision to sleep with Stephen. Then on top of that, she’s got nerve to catch attitude when John and Morgan shared a flirtatious moment while Morgan was giving John a haircut. She throws it back in John’s face at every opportunity that he’s made mistakes, yet she can’t seem to recognize any of her own. The self-righteous schtick gets old pretty quickly.

Finally, let’s talk about Cara as a leader. In a word, she sucks. She’s brash, impulsive, and stubborn. I get that she wanted to rescue all of the tomorrow people being held prisoner in The Citadel. Anyone with a soul would want to save those people. The problem is Cara’s unwillingness to listen to anyone about her plan. Or lack thereof. I don’t know what made Cara think that they would simply be able to stroll into one of Ultra’s most heavily guarded facilities and walk out with a bunch of tomorrow people. Furthermore, after she got there and realized that it was an ambush, instead of falling back to regroup, she decided that they should fight their way out. Uh…what? It was 5 against an Ultra squad with reinforcements on the way. How is that a good plan? I guess Cara figured that since they have Morgan, they would be able to manipulate Jedikiah, but Cara is under the mistaken impression that Jedikiah still has a soul. He doesn’t. I think he loves Morgan, but he loves himself more. If Cara had any intuition, she would be able to recognize that. However, Cara’s method of leadership is to run into a situation half-cocked, without a solid escape plan, and get herself and her team killed. Say what you will about John’s leadership, but he put the tomorrow people before his own desires. Cara was so hellbent on giving Ultra a black eye that she didn’t stop to actually think things all the way through. It also bothered me how cavalier Cara was about Morgan’s life. I get that Cara hates Jedikiah, but since when is it ok to kill an innocent person just to prove a point to a monster like Jed? I may not have always agreed with John’s leadership style or choices, but he at least thought things out before jumping headlong into a situation. He was also willing to listen to other people and admit that he didn’t have all the answers. Unless Cara can figure out how to control her emotions and think of others before herself, she’s going to get everyone killed. Or worse.

Despite my current annoyance with Cara, this was still a decent episode. We found out that Roger is in fact still alive and chillin’ in limbo. I have a feeling John is greatly relieved, and a big part of the reason he believes Stephen is that he just can’t live with himself for killing Roger. That’s something John has carried around for the better part of a decade, and he needs to help Stephen find Roger so that he can remove that weight from his shoulders. Whatever his reasons, I’m glad someone believes Stephen. It also looks like Stephen’s got other problems though. His mom’s new boyfriend is not who he claims to be. He’s either a tomorrow person, or he’s someone that Jedikiah (or the Founder) sent there to keep tabs on Stephen. I have a feeling it’s the latter. Not good. Not good at all. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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