The Following (FOX) Season 2: What You Should Know

2014 FOX WINTER TCA: The Following

The Following returns for its second season in a few days and creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson along with cast members Kevin Bacon (Ryan Hardy), James Purefoy (Joe Carroll), Valorie Curry (Emma Hill), Connie Nielsen (Lily Gray), Jessica Stroup (Max Hardy), Sam Underwood (Luke) and Tiffany Boone (Mandy Lang) attended the TCA Winter press tour to talk about the new season and what we can expect from it.

Here are some of the things you should know:

New Chapter

This new season of The Following was described as a “second coming, a second chapter.” This new season takes place in New York City.

Blast From The Past

The second season of The Following takes place a year after the events of the season one finale. Ryan Hardy is on a new case which eventually makes him believe that Joe Carroll might still be alive.

Joe Carroll Returns

While it might have looked like Joe could have perished in the season one finale explosion, he is in fact alive and back. Purefoy shared that he knew he was alive at the end of the season even thought he told everybody that he thought he was dead.

The first episode is called “Resurrection” and Williamson teased that the audience would witness the rise of Joe Carroll again.


If you’re wondering about Claire’s fate, Williamson promised that we would get an answer within the first two minutes of the premiere episode, even before the credits.

We will also get an answer to Joey’s fate in the first episode.


Curry said she knew when they shot the finale that Emma would survive and was coming back for season 2, but she also mentioned that she doesn’t take anything for granted with the show.

You will also find that Emma has a new look this season.


When asked whether the show would continue to be as violent as last season, Williamson shared that he found it less violent this year. But then thinking about the first episode he said “the first episode… okay there’s a little bit.” [Laughs]

Williamson did explain that he doesn’t shy away from violence, but he doesn’t want it to be gore for the sake of gore.


Bacon shared that it seems Ryan has lost his obsession for Joe in season two, but that everything is not always what it seems on The Following.
He also later added that in Season 2 we’ll find out “a lot of us have these masks that we’re living and the truth is, he is incredibly important to me, sadly the most important thing in my life.”

Williamson also mentioned that one of the arcs for this second season was Ryan’s relationship with Joe and what Joe means to him.

Fans and Success

While he was hoping the audience would love the show as much as he did, Bacon didn’t have any assumptions as to its success. He observed that it is an incredibly competitive landscape in television.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that the connection with the fans for this show is deeper than anything he has ever done in his career.


When asked about the criticism that FBI seemed incompetent in season one, Williamson said “A lot of it was fair looking back on season one.” He added that he would take the criticism and move on from there.


When asked whether the show would end when Joe dies, Williamson responded, “I wouldn’t assume any of that stuff.” He added that in order to create a thrill ride you can’t assume anything, which could be interpreted as Joe is not necessarily safe this season.

New Characters

This second season brings some new faces, including Connie Nielsen, Jessica Stroup, Sam Underwood and Tiffany Boone. When asked about them Williamson stated, “Clearly, we needed to bring in new characters because we killed them all.” He also added that he wanted the show to be more character driven this year.

Dexter Connection

Speaking of new characters, Sam Underwood, who incidentally starred in Showtime’s Dexter for the show’s final season as a psychopathic character, plays Luke in this new season, whom he describes as being a bit narcissistic.

Episode 7

Stroup, who plays Max, Ryan Hard’s niece, made a mention of episode 7 because the subject matter “freaked her out” a bit. She explained that thinking about the fact that a man would be so twisted to want to do something like that was disturbing.

The Following returns for its second season with a special preview episode on Sunday, January 19th immediately after the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and will air new episodes in its regular time period starting Monday January 27th at 9pm on FOX.

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