Psych Season 8 Review “S.E.I.Z.E. the Day”

Psych Season 8 Episode 2 S.E.I.Z.E. the Day (8)

After a jaunt to merry old England last week, Psych returned us to Santa Barbara for a sweet/silly Lassiter-centric episode. Poor Lassie has been demoted to a beat cop by interim chief Trout, while Jules has reluctantly stepped into the position of head detective. What are Shawn and Gus up to? Life coaching! Well, Shawn wants to life coach and Gus thinks he has lost his mind, but that is not an unusual dynamic for those two.

Shawn puts his life coach talents to use on Patrick, a sad sack who never stands up for himself and is being denied entrance to his home thanks to Trout conducting a raid. Using the acronym S.E.I.Z.E. (which stands for Seize Eggs I Don’t Know Zebra and Shawn Forgot), Shawn gets Patrick to stand up for himself for the first time in his life…only Patrick likes the sensation too much. After Lassie is forced to arrest Patrick for interfering with a police investigation, something in Patrick snaps and he goes on a Falling Down style rampage against everyone that has wronged him, starting with Trout (and Shawn makes a reference to the movie and Michael Douglas’ bold hair choice for good measure). This is possibly one of the most hilarious twists in Psych history, simply because Shawn has no idea how effective (and destructive) his life coaching was until the end of the episode– and he doesn’t bother to acknowledge it, other than to tell Gus he’s over the whole idea.

But this episode wasn’t about Shawn and Gus, it was about Lassie. Our fearless detective finds himself facing a case of the yips when he finds out from Mrs. Lassie that he’s going to be a daddy. Yes, this news inspired much squeeing on my part. Can you imagine Lassiter with a baby? We may all die from cuteness.

Right now, Little Lassie is the size of a peanut, but the mere existence of the bambino has Lassie fearing for his life for the first time ever. Watching Timothy Omundson switch from action hero to cowering in his police car and calling for back-up when he hears Wreck-It Ralph coming from a white van was amazing, for lack of a better word. He only becomes increasingly jumpy as the episode progresses, so much so that Shawn and Gus think he’s terminal. My favorite part was easily the moment where Lassie calls the boys to help him go after a suspect and he lets the guys take lead– sans a gun.

Eventually, he gets his groove back and takes down Patrick, but Lassie still doesn’t have his old job back. Instead, he is now Trout’s driver. But we did get a nice Lassie/Henry moment at the end, wherein Henry advises Lassie to make the most of being with his kid because those times will always outlast the job. Then Lassie gives Henry a ticket. I hope Psych never changes.

In honor of Michelle, who will be back with you next week, here are a few of my favorite moments, in no particular order:

* Shawn dubbing Gus, “Recap McGee.”

* Trout’s obsession with bird metaphors.

* Trout’s criminal mother: “You know I’m a knife person.”

* Jules whispering her briefing so Lassie wouldn’t feel any worse about his demotion.

* Shawn adding Eric Roberts to his list of potential life coach clients because “no one watched Crash the TV Show.”

* Lassie’s awesome cop tumble when he finally got over his impending dad fear.

* Gus refusing to fist bump Shawn for his life coaching “success.”

* Java the Cup.

Share your thoughts on Lassie’s future baby, Patrick’s transformation into a murder machine and Shawn’s life coaching philosophy below!

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