Arrow Season 2 Review “Blast Radius”

Winston Churchill once said that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. He was only partially right. There’s fear and then there’s crazy wackos who like to blow stuff up. Oh, and of course zombies, but that’s not really an issue on Arrow…yet. At any rate, ever since Malcolm Merlyn attempted to destroy The Glades, it seems that Starling City has no shortage of crazy people popping up out of the woodwork. This week in Crazytown, some guy decided that people shouldn’t have money or something and he decided the best way to get his point across was to blow up buildings and kill innocent people. Sure, because that always ends well. This villain was, once again, more of an afterthought than a true adversary. Even his plan to trap The Arrow and make him watch as hundreds of innocent people died was pretty lame. I guess this was supposed to show the little fires that The Arrow is running around town putting out while the bigger issue is pretty much out of sight on a slow burn. If that’s the case, I do wish they would at least come up with entertaining side villains. The most entertaining thing about this week’s crazy person is I kept going ‘why is Simon Tam from Firefly blowing things up in Starling City again’? I guess it’s good that Team Arrow was able to dispatch him with relative ease considering that our team had some internal issues they needed to work through.

Oliver is good at two things: shooting arrows and being a butthead. Felicity has been spending a lot of time in Central City ever since Barry got hit by lightening. He’s been in a coma and she’s been there waiting for him to wake up. She came back to Starling City when she heard about the first explosion, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for Oliver. He snapped at Felicity after she lost the signal of the bomber they were chasing. He threw in some low blows about her head not being in the game, and Felicity shot right back at him that his head wasn’t in the game either because it was firmly surrounded by his buttcheeks. I really do love Felicity. She’s one of the few people in Oliver’s life who will call him out on his crap and point out when he’s being a butthead. And in this case, she was absolutely right. Oliver was completely out of line to marginalize Felicity’s concern for Barry. He had no right to decide that what’s happening in Starling City should hold more importance in Felicity’s life than a guy that she cares about deeply. It’s up to Felicity to set priorities, and she has every right to sit at Barry’s bedside and wait for him to wake up. Oliver later apologized to her and explained that he didn’t really realize how much he relied on her until she wasn’t there. I get that Oliver was frustrated by the fact that Felicity wasn’t there. I get that Oliver is scared about the consequences of the supersoldier serum being in play. I get that he feels that it’s his responsibility to stop whoever is behind it. At the same time though, Oliver needs to realize that he shouldn’t, and can’t, fight what’s coming all by himself. I think this latest situation has finally made him realize that. Maybe now he’ll stop playing things so close to the vest when it comes to Dig and Felicity. Maybe he’ll tell his partners everything they need to know. And maybe he’ll stop being such a butthead to the two people who always have his back.

While Team Arrow was chasing crazy bombers and working through some team management issues, Laurel was trying to find the dirt on Sebastian Blood. She’s been “dating” Sebastian for a little while now because she thinks it’s the best way to figure out what he’s hiding. Let me just stop here and say, I don’t get why Laurel is so suspicious of Blood. Their past interactions haven’t been all that extraordinary, and nothing that he’s done publicly should’ve raised any red flags. So it didn’t make any sense to me that Laurel was snooping around looking for dirt. She just told her father that something felt “wrong” about him. But since Laurel has such bad taste in men, we really can’t trust her judgment. That being said, Laurel’s investigation did reveal more about the sick, twisted man that is Sebastian Blood. He goes around telling the story that he was a orphan who watched his mother murder his drunken father. He was raised in the Starling City orphanages, and that’s why he’s so attached to the city. That’s why he fights so hard to unite the city. Too bad it’s all a lie. Laurel discovered that Sebastian is paying all the bills for some woman named Maya who is locked in a mental institution. All the reports say that the woman is Sebastian’s aunt, but when Laurel went to see her, she found out that the woman is actually Sebastian’s mother. He had her locked up in the mental ward because she knows he murdered his own father.

Sebastian is a man who craves power, and he’ll do or say whatever he has to in order to obtain power. You could see it in his eyes as he was watching the replay of his press conference. Maybe somewhere deep down he does want to help the city, but I seriously doubt it. I have a feeling we’re going to find out that Sebastian is even more twisted than we already know. God help anyone who gets in his way. While it was exciting to find out more about Sebastian, I wasn’t thrilled that we had to spend so much time with Laurel. The thing that kind of bothered me was I’m not sure why Laurel is digging into all of this. It seems more like something The Arrow should research and uncover. It just feels like making Laurel the detective in this instance is a poorly disguised attempt to make her relevant to the overall story. With few exceptions, Laurel has pretty much been completely removed from the major story arcs of the season. She hasn’t really been in many episodes since about the third or fourth episode of the season. I haven’t really had a problem with that since I find her character grating, but if she’s going to be reintegrated into the main story then it needs to feel more organic than this felt.

This was an ok episode. I was unimpressed by the villain of the week, but learning more about Sebastian Blood sort of made up for that. I like that Det. Lance seems to have more cop sense this season than he had last season. He knows that there’s a leak somewhere in the department, and he’s enlisted The Arrow’s help to find it. It’s not going to work out so well for that guy when Det. Lance finally puts it all together. I’m loving the that Det. Lance is actually helping Team Arrow now. Roy has begun to realize that something is seriously different about him. He doesn’t know what it is yet, but now that Thea has realized it too, I don’t think she’s going to let it drop. Oliver should probably keep any eye on Roy. Maybe now Oliver will finally take the boy under his wing and train him. Lord knows Team Arrow could use the help. It looks like we’re going to have a lot more action in the coming weeks, and I look forward to finding out what Slade’s nefarious plan is for Oliver. So what did y’all think of this week’s Arrow?

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