The Tomorrow People Interview: Peyton List Talks Cara and Her Relationship with Stephen and John, and More

Sorry For Your Loss

Peyton List portrays Cara Coburn in The CW’s The Tomorrow People. Within the first nine episodes, we not only learned a lot about her character, but Cara herself went through quite a lot and discovered quite a few secrets.

List recently took some time to answer a few questions during a press tour about her character Cara, the evolution of her relationship with both Stephen and John, and more.

On the similarities between her and Cara

“I think there’s always a little bit of similarity with any character you play to yourself,” List observed. “But I think most of the challenges are always when they’re not like you or maybe they don’t make decisions the same way you would make decisions or handle situations.”

On the evolution of Cara and John’s relationship after the big revelation

List explained, “I think it is such a bombshell when they found out that he has the ability to kill and that the rest of the Tomorrow People don’t have all the information as to how that came about and how he is now able to kill.” She continued, “But there’s a lot of things that come out of that. And one of them is the fact that most of the Tomorrow People have bonded and are so tightknit and close because they’re so isolated from the rest of humanity. They’re different. And they find their togetherness because they’re different. Well, then you add the fact that John is even more different. And how do they respond to that? Does he become an outsider from them, or are they going to close ranks around him and protect him and look out for him? And the fact that he kept it a secret will affect how the Tomorrow People respond to that. We definitely explore that coming up in the next few episodes.”

As to how Cara is going to deal with the big revelation, List said “I like to believe that she’s a very forgiving person, but I don’t think that she is. She, I think, is processing it. I think the relationship with her and John was very close. They have a lot of history together, which we do explore. The fact that something this big he kept a secret not only from Tomorrow People, but from her, very much damages their relationship and damages the trust and the closeness that they have. And we explore that as well, like how they move forward, because everything that they had or they built has now changed.”

On Cara and Stephen’s relationship

“It’s interesting seeing where the Cara and Stephen relationship goes because Cara’s relationship with Stephen is so drastically different from her relationship with John,” List shared. “Her relationship with John is based a lot on their shared history, and they met when they were maybe a little bit younger. And what their connection is is not the same or maybe as intimate, with the telepathy and being able to read each other’s moods, as her connection is with Stephen. Her connection with Stephen it’s effortless. It’s easy, and it’s lighter, and it’s lighter hearted. And I think we see that in episode 6, I believe, where so much of the John and Cara relationship is very intense, and it’s all based on survival. It’s all based on doing what’s best for the group. And with Stephen, Cara seems to just sort of let her guard down for a second and just be a 20 something girl and not constantly looking over her shoulder and just see the good in people and see the good in life. So it’s fun to see those two different relationships continue, because they offer different things.”

In Too Deep

On her fight scene with Luke Mitchell

“Well, it’s really fun to fight Luke. It’s also very scary. He’s not a small guy,” List remarked.

She also enjoys the fact that her character gets to win most of the fights. But she also shared that a lot of the times they are fighting stunt performers, which is safer for the actors but also feels different for them than when they get to fight each other.

When they do have to fight each other they have lots of rehearsal so by the time they have to shoot, “we’re not only worrying about the safety aspects, we’re also concerned about the acting portion and also enjoying it, because if you’re enjoying doing it, hopefully, that comes across, and people can enjoy it as well.”

On her favorite scene so far

“It’s hard to say because our show does so many different things,” List explained. “There’s so much action packed stuff. I think a lot of people really love the fight scenes. For me, I think some of my favorite scenes are the dialogue driven scenes. I had some scenes with Luke in episode 5 that were much more relationship based. And I think the reason I loved them so much is because we don’t do them all the time. They’re such a treat when we actually do that. Our show moves so fast, and it’s filled with special effects and the intense storyline of just always being on the run or hiding or coming up with the next plan that I really enjoy doing that. I also don’t work too much with Mark Pellegrino, who plays Jedikiah, and I got to do a few scenes with him in episode 8 and 9. I get to work with him a little bit more, and I really love doing those scenes because they were just something I didn’t get to do on the show before. It’s the scenes that are different, the scenes that don’t come along that often are the ones that I enjoy the most.”

The Tomorrow People returns with new episodes on Wednesday, January 15th at 9pm on The CW.